The Daring and Dashing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Luther_King_JrForever the trendsetter in both civil rights and respectful style, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is best known for his active involvement in the African American Civil Rights Movement. Today, the country celebrates the life and amazing achievements of this monumental man and all that he stood for. A firm believer of respect and equality, King understood the power of a good outfit. Here, we look at his impeccable style and the outstanding man behind it. He helped create paths to overall awareness through his preaching of peace and nonviolence. He fought against social prejudices, racism, and bigotry. Dr. King understood the importance of respect and equality. But in order to receive it, you had to first respect yourself. Style plays a huge role in the appearance of self respect and strength. Had Dr. King spoken behind podiums and pulpits in sneakers, jeans, and loose t shirts, would we forever remember his hopeful message or his unsavory attire? He knew the best way to reach the people was to dress as confident and strong as the message he was sending. Any well dressed man of the time was dressed to the nines in custom made shirts, suits, and shiny leather dress shoes that showed off sincere sophistication. The clothes worn by African American leaders and supporters alike during the Civil Rights Movement were just as sophisticated, polished, and inspiring as the manner in which they fought for freedom and equality. Martin Luther King Jr preferred a black 3-piece suit, white formal dress shirt, French Cuffs, and black oxfords. Sometimes seen in a striking fedora, Dr. King was as forward with his fashion as he was with his faith. Any man would do well to be inspired by his many accomplishments as well as his dynamic sense of fashion. He had a great mind for both clothes and civil rights. A trendsetter in both men's formal wear style and civil rights, Martin Luther King Jr. represents what every man should be: hopeful, passionate, confident, and a fighter for what he believes in. Channel this marvelous man's exuberant style and positive attitude. At your next formal wear event, dress to impress. Dr. King understood the value of a well tailored ensemble, knowing that a good fit would make a good impression. The way you present yourself is extremely important. People will be more invested in what you have to say if you are dressed elegantly. Therefore, stand tall with strength and power so that your message will be heard round the room. Be brave with your actions as well as your style and you'll be the king at your next formal wear event.

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