The Many Colors of Men's Formal Wear

The Colors of Your Formal Wear Life It is autumn and this is a fine time to consider going with something other than black if you’re going to a formal occasion, especially if that occasion has an autumnal theme such as harvest time, Halloween or Thanksgiving. In terms of color, you can consider buying a colored tuxedo jacket, shirt and/or accessories. You can go with one colorful element or enjoy combining various colored elements into an ensemble. Chances are that you don’t want to wear this type of tuxedo to a wedding but as mentioned above there are various types of formal events that allow you to enjoy the colors of the season. As far as tuxedos go, why not make a statement this halloween with a solid pink tuxedo, an orange tuxedo, or one of another color. There are a range of colored tuxedo shirts that you can mix or match with a black tuxedo jacket, including blue, pink, yellow and green. Maybe you want to still keep it relatively conservative, going with a black tux and tie and a white shirt while adding a patterned green vest and green tie with thin, black lines. If you’re thinking that’s too conservative, you may always add a green top hat and some green spats on your shoes. If you’re going with a patterned jacket and trousers, then a solid shirt and vest or cummerbund will help to bring it all together, anchoring the look. By the way, if you want a really nice touch then be sure to coordinate your tie and vest or cummerbund. That can really create a coordinated look. Give yourself an autumn look with a solid, deep-orange jacket, light carrot-colored shirt, black tie and pants and a cummerbund that features a white and orange pattern or one with black and white geometric forms such as circles or diamonds. Men’s formal wear does not always have to be black and white. Even if you go with a basic black and white look, that doesn’t mean that you can’t embellish it with various colors. Celebrate the fall by becoming more colorful and enjoy the many shades of the season that you’ll find in tuxedo shirts, vests, cummerbunds, ties, trousers and, of course, jackets.

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