The Perfect Wedding Video

You've thought of every detail to make your wedding perfect then realize you need to have video. There are a number of ways to do this. One is hiring a professional. Another is to do it yourself meaning asking a friend or relative. If you decide to go the professional route you can begin by asking your photographer for a recommendation. They've probably worked with everyone in your area really know who's good. Other option is to look at video companies and their website samples. They will have professional editing and affects which can make your video a memorable Hollywood style movie.

Using The Professional

The main quality you want to look for is a good documentarian. Having a videographer that is flexible and willing to be there while the bride is getting ready and having her pre-wedding photos taken at the house can be wonderful moments to capture on tape. Think of everything you'd like to see and make a list of events for the videographer.

You want to make sure that the videographer is experienced and low key especially during the ceremony. Be sure to ask if they are going to be shooting with high-definition low-light equipment and if they have wireless microphones so you don't have ugly cables in view. Ask if they will also shoot after the ceremony. Lots of spontaneous feel good moments happen then. You want them to shoot even when the photographer is taking the formal photos. Often the most interesting moments are those not part of the ceremony. After my wedding, the limousine inadvertently zoomed away from the church with the wedding party, leaving my husband and I (bride and groom) stranded. My brother-in-law drove us cramped in the back see of his subcompact car with me sitting on my new husbands lap. It is a treasured moment on the video. Again low key documentary style is what you want.

If the videographer is going to shoot during the reception be sure to tell them you want the guest interviews done early before the guests have had a little too much to drink. Some of those off-the-cuff statements can be embarrassing. How would you like your aunt slurring advice that you slim down after the wedding because she felt your wedding dress fit a little snuggly. If you think it won't happen, I've heard that exact sound byte in a friend's wedding video. This might save money and be a motivator to your videographer, who doesn't have to stay all evening. Do you really want a video of Grandma Mildred demonstrating the shimmy?

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