Tips For a Memorable Promposal

With all the prama and excitement surrounding prom, the event itself has become overshadowed by all the prior steps taken before actually arriving for the ball, beginning with the acquisition of a date. [caption id="attachment_1764" align="aligncenter" width="468"]ENTER CONTEST NOW! ENTER CONTEST NOW![/caption] Considering the significance of prom night, being the first ceremonial occasion for teens before they journey past high school, it is essential that you are accompanied by the right person. A prom proposal or promposal can either be simple, if you already expect a certain someone to be your date, or it can be elaborate, to help emphasize how special that person is to you. It also makes for a good persuasion - that the two of you are the right match.  A lot of time is needed to decide how to go about such a task, and knowing how to flatter the potential date helps, but once done correctly, you will progress your way deeper into the promposal process. [caption id="attachment_1665" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Prom Couple Be the most captivating couple there![/caption]

For men, take into consideration that your possible date will have an interest in looking beautiful in a flashy number. Promposals can be made to include her choice of dress, because chances are that she already has something in mind.  To let her know you care about her opinion for the next pre-prom step regarding formal attire, you can purchase a number of translucent balloons, slip photos of different possible prom tuxedos inside each one, then inflate them and give her the bouquet with a note, asking her which one she might want to see you in. It will seem as if she is choosing from a dreamy catalog of well-groomed prospects.  There’s no doubt she will also admire your sincere reflection on her outlooks for the big night, making you an ideal suitor.

The corsage is a perfect symbol linking a woman to prom.  Typically, prom is the first time most women have a chance to attend a special event with their peers. Buy a corsage with a rose or her favorite flower and leave it somewhere for her to unexpectedly find.  Attach to it some form of question, like a note and even a bow tie to link your presence, write there the date of your prom night and sign it with your initials to leave enough ambiguity to make her blush.  Once she realizes it’s you she can’t resist saying yes, but unfortunately you’ll have to get another corsage when the time actually arrives. [caption id="attachment_1666" align="aligncenter" width="200"]She'll love that you thought of her. She'll love that you thought of her.[/caption] Sending your possible date on a journey for clues is another creative way to guide her to saying yes. You can lead her to several locations popular to the area, parks and lakes, or other places which are very picturesque and romantic, where she can find at each spot an image of tuxedo pants, a necktie, tuxedo shoes, and a letter that will eventually lead to the spelling of “prom”.  As the last clue you can wait for her, with a prom dress for her as a gift, patiently anticipating a response. [caption id="attachment_1667" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Look sharp when you ask your date to prom. Look sharp when you ask your date to prom.[/caption] There is no need to be uneasy over the upcoming big dance. Finding a date is just as easy as showing up. Asking is the more difficult part; it’s not enough anymore to merely offer a one sentence question. When thinking about your promposal, remember to try hinting at formal wear because it is the defining aspect for every prom.  Incorporate that into your creativity as a way of initializing her thought of including you that night.  Give her a mental image of what you might look like in a men’s tuxedo and how she might appear standing next to you taking photos in her beautiful dress.

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