Top 10 Promposal Ideas for 2012

It turns out you don’t have to wait until you find your soul mate to receive a proposal. High school seniors across the country have been getting creative by asking each other to prom through exciting promposals.  You didn’t think you were going to get away with just going up to her during lunch and asking her did you?  No way!  Making sure that you go to prom with your crush is even more complicated than selecting the perfect prom suit or prom dress, some serious planning is involved.

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Young men are not concerned with only cheap tuxedos anymore; they are pulling out all of the stops in asking the girl of their dreams to prom.  Before you even begin to think about which tuxedo shirts for men are trendy this spring, ask yourself how do I get her to say yes?  If you have no idea, don’t worry, we have you covered with a list of the top 10 promposal ideas of 2012.  We even have some details about what some other promposals look like and a few things you may want to avoid. Many of the prom dresses for 2012 are ridiculously short on material, but promposals in 2012 are long, elaborate, and intensive campaigns.  You can watch kids on YouTube as they document their promposal ideas. Some of the promposals can get really wacky. In the video, My Prom Proposal Oliver records hockey fans at a Bruins game.  All of the fans are asked to encourage Sarah to attend prom with Oliver as his date.  Oliver gets points for being brave enough to ask various random people for help but he loses points because it wasn’t very personal.  Guys, remember, the less personal your promposal the less romantic it is. [youtube width=392 height=221]AjmguQ0NXF0[/youtube] Maybe someone should have told the guy in the video, How to Ask Someone to Prom not to wear a sky-blue suit from the 1970s during the promposal.  But then again, he did sing a song, play the melody on his guitar, invite half the senior class, and proceed to publicly serenade his potential prom date. That one was a win despite the suit.  If you’re going to do something outrageous for your promposal you should at least try to incorporate in your school’s prom theme. [youtube width=392 height=221]ExywusuBcEc[/youtube] In the YouTube video, Greatest Prom Ask out Ever Recorded, the promposal comes in the form of an acapella song but that’s not all, Christophe also brings flowers.  Christophe gets mad points for the acapella singing, which sounded fantastic, and even more points for knowing that a bouquet of flowers always softens a woman up. [youtube width=392 height=221]prHTB9aS2pQ[/youtube] If you don’t have very much talent you can always rely on the written word.  The guy in the YouTube video, The Cutest Way to Ask A Girl Out to Prom uses a box of candy to ask out his date, it was cute, and if your dream girl is shy this strategy may be successful. [youtube width=392 height=221]Z3_BUxxVy1U[/youtube] While you’re brainstorming your own promposal, you may want to seek a spark of inspiration in prom tuxedo styles for 2012. Like most high school seniors you may be on a budget, so rather than rely on a rental, look for a reasonably priced tuxedo you can buy and wear multiple times. Scope out the territory.  Just like you wouldn’t propose to a girl you just met, you aren’t going to design an elaborate promposal for a girl who doesn’t know your name.  Make sure that she knows who you are.  In the weeks leading up to the promposal make sure to make frequent eye contact, remember to always smile and say hello.  Make sure you give her compliments.  Check out the lay of the land and make sure she is interested. Check out the list below for great ideas about how to create the kind of promposal which will lead her to say yes!

Top 10 Promposal Ideas

  1. Woo Her With Music - If you have a musical talent like singing you can sing your promposal.  If you decide to sing to her, make sure that you have a great singing voice.
  2. Prompose Through A Portfolio - You can build your promposal around the theme of her favorite colors.  Create a collage of prom dresses, prom shoes, and prom hairstyles. Let her know you are imagining her in these items.  Remember to end the portfolio with the question.
  3. School Newspaper - Purchase an ad in the school newspaper or better yet, write an article for the front page while you ask your future prom date if she will accompany you.
  4. Social Media - Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr can all be used to help design and execute your promposal.  For instance, you could ask all of your followers to tweet all of the things that would make you a great date over the space of a week. But be careful; make sure that your date is not overly private.  Check with her friends.  A girl’s best friend is your best resource.
  5. Love Languages - There are five love languages.  Touch, acts of kindness, words of affirmation, gifts, and quality time. Have one of her girlfriends administer the online test.  Once you know how she receives love and affection, design a promposal tailored specifically to her love languages.
  6. Rehearsal Dinner - Take her out on a date before prom and at dinner tell her that the two of you were rehearsing for the real event and then ask her if she will she be your date for prom.
  7. Get Her Parents Involved - Ask her father for his daughter’s hand before you ask her and let her know that you have her father’s blessing.
  8. Afternoon Announcements - Get the administration at your school involved.  Have whoever usually reads the announcements read her a poem and then ask her out.  Better yet, see if they will let you do the announcements that day.
  9. Flying Solo - Leave your friends at home; you don’t always need your posse around. A promposal is patterned after the marriage proposal, romance trumps publicity every time.  Walk or drive her home, ask her, and then present her with a single flower.
  10. Gracious Acceptance - Finally, it is possible that before you work up the courage to ask, your crush may beat you to the promposal.  There are still reasons to celebrate.  Be gracious in your acceptance and breathe a sigh of relief that she asked first.

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Tux, Shirt and Accessories - Complete package for $129.95 A word of warning, as you check out promposal videos on the web focus on the good ideas and also pay attention to the ‘what not to do’ portions.  When it is your turn, if you are unsure you may want to make sure that your friends are not filming just in case she says no!  You don’t want to end up on fail blog do you?  Be sure to do your research, promposals are all over the net. For more inspiration you can find promposals on Tumblr. Remember, your big night begins with a promposal to the girl of your dreams and continues as you search for cheap tuxedos, make dinner reservations, and soften up your uncle Charlie so you can borrow the Mercedes.  Hopefully, prom 2012 will end in an unforgettable night with laughter and if you are lucky it will include a kiss or two.

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