Wear White After Labor Day (We Dare You)

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="251"] Dare to wear white.[/caption] Post Labor Day etiquette demands a serious ban on white clothing. Chances are, you've heard the notion before but have no idea where it even originates. So why aren't we allowed to don white after the national holiday, and does the rule still hold true today? We're here to explain it all and tell you why wearing white never goes out of style, no matter what time of the year it is. The explanation is actually quite the practical one. For starters, wearing white in the summer provides an easy source of comfort and cool in the steaming hot heat. Back before air conditioning graced every home and establishment, fashion forward people of the times had to resort to carefully choosing their clothing, and this went for formal wear as well. White clothing is typically made of a lighter fabric and material, making it an essential in the summer sun. To the fashionable elite, white was for wedding and resort wear, strictly from Memorial Day to Labor Day. But today, fashion has proved to be constantly moving forward and eager to break the rules of the past. So this season, why not start with breaking a few rules of your own? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="249"] Contrast is classic.[/caption] Forget what fashion editors have told you. White is a timeless choice for any occasion. It does not have to be secluded in the summer. Bring the feeling of a sensational resort year round. The winter provides a chic and sophisticated blanket of snow that can easily work with some sensational white formal wear. With a classic pair of black tuxedo pants, you'll stand out in any crowd. A white tuxedo jacket can create a quality level of exotic contrast that will have you looking dashing at your next formal wear event. White dinner jackets are also a fantastic option during the colder months. Typically warmer in the warmer months, these jackets radiant a constant sense of cool and confidence in its wearers. But don't let the lack of sun stop you from shining in white formal wear. Pair all white pieces with black accessories. All white makes the perfect clean palate for some dapper decorating. Black tie is a must. A black bow tie on a white tuxedo can create a fun and exciting look. Dare to be different after Labor Day, and wear white. It may seem like a bold move, but it's a brilliant one.

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