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Prom Tuxedos

On this page we have featured some of the hottest prom tuxedo styles for 2015.  You will notice that we feature prom tuxedos in all styles and price ranges.  If you are just looking for something cheap for a one or two time use, please check out our cheap tuxedo package.  You get the tuxedo, tuxedo shirt and ALL accessories for $129.95. It would cost more to rent!! For you guys that are looking for something special for prom, please view our Jean Yves tuxedos. Jean Yves is known for his fashion forward styling.  The Jean Yves Mirage and the Steel Gray Twilight tuxedo are two of the most popular prom tuxedo styles for 2015.  Below is just a sampling of formal wear for the prom, please scan our other pages as well for great deals on tuxedos and formal wear accessories. Please also view or prom tuxedo vests on sale.