15 Quick and Tweetable Formal Wear Tips For Men

We have gotten a lot of questions lately regarding formal wear do's and don'ts. In light of this, we've decided to share some quick and [caption id="attachment_2091" align="alignright" width="183"]Ready to look dapper? Check out these simple tips that will make you look like a formal wear pro. Ready to look dapper? Check out these simple tips that will make you look like a formal wear pro.[/caption] dirty (tweetable) tips regarding formal wear for men:
  1. Wear a self-tie bow tie. It gives your tux character - not flat, stiff, and imitated. You’re not attending the event as a waiter. [Click To Tweet]
  2. Have your tuxedo pants tailored to the right length. No one likes seeing them puddled atop your shoes. [Click To Tweet]
  3. Do not attempt to pair a cummerbund and a necktie. The only complement is a bow tie. [Click To Tweet]
  4. Formal wear is about tradition. Strive for simplicity and be wary of the urge to personalize. Dress codes exist for a reason. [Click To Tweet]
  5. Think you'll only need a tux once? Don't get stuck renting a 2nd time. Buying a tuxedo saves money in the long run. [Click To Tweet]
  6. The safest, most elegant, and most accepted color for a tuxedo shirt is white. [Click To Tweet]
  7. For a 2-button single breasted tuxedo jacket, only the top button should remain fastened. [Click To Tweet]
  8. You can’t go wrong with choosing a pair of black oxford tuxedo shoes to go with your tux. [Click To Tweet]
  9. A bit on the short side? Peak lapel tuxedos will visually lengthen your body. [Click To Tweet]
  10. Don’t let your hairstyle upstage your formal wear. The two should coincide thematically, a mix of neatness and tradition. [Click To Tweet]
  11. Your tuxedo's fit is one of the most important aspects. It should never be baggy or too tight, but sleek and comfortable. [Click To Tweet]
  12. No more than one finger should be able to fit between your neck and the collar of your tuxedo shirt. [Click To Tweet]
  13. It is a formal wear must to cover your waistband with a cummerbund or tuxedo vest[Click To Tweet]
  14. The cummerbund's pleats should face upwards, as is the custom ever since the accessory first became part of the formal attire. [Click To Tweet]
  15. Bigger than the average Joe? Wear a formal pocket square to draw attention to your chest and away from your belly. [Click To Tweet]

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