Top 5 Wedding Tuxedos For 2013

[caption id="attachment_2081" align="alignright" width="164"]Look elegant and sophisticated with the classic black tux - you can snag this one for less than $100. Look elegant and sophisticated with the classic black tux - you can snag this one for less than $100.[/caption] With 2013 approaching the halfway point, countless weddings have already occurred with lovely ceremonies uniting numerous couples. Formal wear for men has already evolved in terms of trends for the new year compared to 2012 but deciding on the right tuxedo for the big day can still be an arduous process. With so many choices, it may be hard for a groom to decide on the right look and feel to coordinate with the other sections of the wedding party. Despite this, here are 5 wedding tuxedo styles to consider for 2013:

1. The Classic Black Tux

An issue many grooms run into is just over thinking what they want. If caught in this dilemma, just stick with the classic black and white look, which you can get with this Calvin Klein tuxedo. With a slim fit style and comprised of luxury virgin wool, this ensemble is definitely worth looking into. This ensemble is perfect for the wedding and makes it easier to have the groomsmen match up. While this look is ideal for many weddings, it also allows some room for minor experimentation using formal wear accessories.

2. All White Ensemble

Based on the formality of the wedding, try something different and wear a white tuxedo. While this goes against the classic and conventional look, this outfit will still look clean and sharp. This white outfit also has the added benefit of standing out from your groomsmen, making the wedding party slightly more distinct and stylish. Another benefit of this luxurious look is that the groom can match more flawlessly with his fiancée's fabulous wedding dress.

3. The Mandarin or Nehru Collar Tux

Nothing is wrong with applying a minimalist style to these typically grand affairs. For instance, a Ferrecci Black Mandarin Tux can provide the perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication. This style is typically paired with softer tones for the tuxedo vest and tie.

4. Tux With Tails

This is probably the most formal and fashionable wedding tuxedo. While tailcoats are usually more associated with white tie affairs, this is a great look for you and your woman's special occasion. A peak lapel tuxedo with tails and matching trousers made of soft polyester provides a very elegant look and prevents any discomfort that a suit may cause.

 5. Tux On A Budget

A wedding is an expensive affair. Every dollar spent needs to be taken into consideration, which includes the tuxedo. Ferecci and Baroni offer complete tuxedo packages at a reasonable price. From the jacket to the tie, these two designers provide affordable outfits that look both elegant and fashionable. Essentially, these are the 5 styles suitable for any wedding. Ultimately, decide on what you desire after going over it with your significant other.

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