Buying A Tuxedo On A Budget

Investing in anything causes concern for how much value you're getting from every dollar you spend. The concept is no different when it comes to men's formal wear because a tuxedo is essentially an investment. You are obligated to consider how much use you intend or expect to get out of it and what the rewards will be. You want to look good, don't you? The truth is that many men rarely have opportunities to wear a tuxedo so they might make the mistake of renting when they could have just simply set a budget and purchased one instead. The issue with buying vs. renting a tux is that you truly never know when you'll need one again, you just know that you need it now. However, after some indefinite time, a future event will arise and you, once again, are required to wear a tux. If only you'd bought one the first time, you wouldn't be spending the extra wads of cash on yet another rental... It's a scenario that's all too common. So, you don't plan to attend formal events any more than a few times, and that's perfect because a couple hundred bucks could get you just the tuxedo you're looking for. Here are a few choice models that won’t press your credit card limit:

Black 2 Button Tuxedo

[caption id="attachment_2068" align="aligncenter" width="230"]Who says you can't look dapper in a $100 tuxedo? Who says you can't look dapper in a $100 tuxedo?[/caption] This formal wear attire is a standard for any black tie event.  It’s just the kind of look that meets all the requirements of elegance and it’s yours to wear and keep for a cheaper rate than you would find at most rental shops.

Designer Tuxedos On Sale

[caption id="attachment_2069" align="aligncenter" width="162"]Look elegant in a Neil Allyn Tux with Peak Lapel Look elegant in a Neil Allyn Tux with Peak Lapel[/caption] If you’re a man of style, you can get a Neil Allyn Tuxedo for a price tag that can compete with no-brand tuxes. You can choose between the highly revered notch lapel or the always classy peak lapel. This discounted tuxedo is both conventional and flashy so it makes for an excellent outfit.

Slim-Fit Tuxedos

[caption id="attachment_2070" align="aligncenter" width="217"]The black trims and lapel really accentuates the classiness of this tux. The black trims and lapel really accentuates the classiness of this tux.[/caption] Looking for something lighter and sleeker? This gray "fashion fit" tuxedo is a definitive style for any budget. The snazzy tux is a neat mix of gray with black shawl lapels.

Tuxedo Packages

[caption id="attachment_2071" align="aligncenter" width="159"]Look sophisticated without going over budget - try the basic tuxedo package for only $129.95. Look sophisticated without going over budget - try the basic tuxedo package for only $129.95.[/caption] Another common concern that leads to renting is the need for all the necessary formal wear accessories, aside from the tux itself. But just as rental services offer these, cheap tuxedo packages that you can buy are also easy to find. For instance, a basic tuxedo package that can go for less than $130 consists of all the essential items a man needs as part of his outfit: the tuxedo shirt, cummerbund, bow tie, and trousers, along with the tuxedo jacket itself.  Also included are a set of cufflinks and studs. Don’t fool yourself with the thought that you’ll only ever need a tuxedo once. If ever that second special event comes along, you will find yourself shelling out more cash unnecessarily. In the long run, purchasing a tuxedo is a more practical investment within the range of a reasonable and easily managed budget. Still not convinced? Check out the top 10 reasons not to rent a tuxedo.

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