Formal Wear Fashion: 3 Stylish Tuxedo Shirts For Summer

While April showers bring flowers, it also ushers in the long awaited summer weather.  Even though you are combating the harrowing rainstorms and oppressive spring allergies, this season is the starting point for many wonderfully warm weddings and other celebrations. Formal wear for men need to be planned accordingly since most of these soirees are held outside. Regardless of the occasion, comfort and breathability are essential to stand strong temperatures but other factors need to be taken into consideration as well. Every good outfit requires proper planning and coordination but one element can make or break the look you desire: the shirt.  When compiling all the formal accessories together to make your outfit whole, the shirt serves as the linchpin since it helps tie everything together. Here are three tuxedo shirts that are perfect for the impending summer celebrations!

Perry Ellis Pleated Wing Collar Tuxedo Shirt – 100% Cotton

[caption id="attachment_2058" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Perry Ellis Tuxedo Shirt - Classy, elegant, and comfortable. Perry Ellis Tuxedo Shirt - Classy, elegant, and comfortable.[/caption] Cotton is key for the hazy heat in late July and August. As a groomsman, you may need to have a lightweight and flexible shirt underneath all those layers. Standing outside waiting for the groom to arrive can be tiring, so this pleated Perry Ellis wing collar tuxedo shirt original is ideal. The pleated front and wing tip offer an aura of sophistication and high fashion while ultimately providing some support against any weather conditions.  The classic white color never fails and adds a nice balance to the rest of the traditionally black tuxedo ensemble.

Cristoforo Cardi Non-Pleated White Wing Collar Tuxedo Shirt

[caption id="attachment_2059" align="aligncenter" width="235"]Simple yet elegant, this tuxedo shirt from Cardi is a tasteful choice for many. Simple yet elegant, this tuxedo shirt from Cardi is a tasteful choice for many.[/caption] While white or ivory tuxedo shirts are the normal choice for many outfits, the pleat is not.  This is a classic item that offers the same benefits as the Perry Ellis but is dressier, albeit its lack of design. This is the best decision for those seeking more of an elegant shirt than one to withstand the elements. Black cufflinks and studs would be a nice touch, especially because of its french cuffs. For the more fashionable folk, this would be a better alternative.

Cristoforo Cardi Black Non-Pleated Laydown Tuxedo Shirt

[caption id="attachment_2060" align="aligncenter" width="235"]Look bold in black - this tux shirt from Cardi is a slimming and classy choice. Look bold in black - this tux shirt from Cardi is a slimming and classy choice.[/caption] While black and darker shades absorb more heat, this shirt offers a much sleeker look and is suitable for the summer, spring or any other season. Since this would serve as a centerpiece for an outfit, make sure the accessories are white to coordinate. This Cardi tuxedo shirt works well for any occasion, especially for outdoor dinners. The laydown collar also allows for plenty of air circulation. These 3 examples are just a few items that can work for the season. Whether its pleated or non-pleated, the choices are limitless from everything right down to the cuffs.  The tuxedo vests and cummerbunds that may accompany your outfit should match accordingly. A fine fact to remember when formulating your spring formal wear fashion is to always have the shirt predict the rest of the outfit. Formal wear for men is essential with a strong shirt unifying the look since an outfit relies on a theme. Color, comfort and breathability will make any occasion that much better.

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