2013 Grammy Awards: Red Carpet Coverage

[caption id="attachment_1615" align="alignleft" width="300"]Justin Timberlake definitely knows how to bring sexy back again and again. Justin Timberlake definitely knows how to bring sexy back again and again.[/caption] The Grammy Awards is an annual commemoration that awards each year’s outstanding artists in musical melody and production. The  most notable winners of this year's ceremony include Mumford and Sons, Fun., and The Black Keys. All musical preference aside, the 55th Grammy Awards also made way for one vital statement: the sharp reminder that men’s formal wear is constantly progressing and reshaping. Who knew that a fresh generation of music could also bring about a brand new line up of tuxedos? Blues rocker and heartthrob, John Mayer, took us back a few decades with a vintage, purple tux - the style of which dates all the way back to the late 60’s or early 70’s. Mayer’s two button tuxedo with flaring notch lapels truly popped with such a flamboyant color that only a few men on this planet can truly pull off. Mayer’s vintage suit was also accompanied by a multi-colored, patterned bow tie that held some embedded black colors. It not only complimented his black slacks but it also managed to tone down the colors that he wore on his upper torso. [caption id="attachment_1609" align="aligncenter" width="317"]John Mayer looking suave in his purple suede tuxedo. John Mayer looking suave in his purple suede tuxedo.[/caption] Chris Brown brought us back to the future by appearing extremely modern, sporting all-white from head to toe, with the exception of a tastefully placed black belt. Brown’s caramel skin tone perfectly contrasts the otherwise blinding white tux, which held two black buttons in front. Brown’s choice to neglect any form of tie whatsoever seriously gives his entire ensemble a smart, sleek appeal. [caption id="attachment_1611" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Chris Brown looking sleek in an all-white ensemble. Chris Brown looking sleek in an all-white ensemble.[/caption] Another singer that managed to turn heads was John Legend, accompanied by the always lovely Christine Teigen. Legend’s grayish-blue slim fit tuxedo gave him a sophisticated demeanor that almost made him look like a young and trendy college professor. From far away, it would appear as if Legend’s colorful tux is a single shade all over but his shirt and thick bow tie have a dark blue, almost black tone to them that really break up the monotony of the rest of his outfit. [caption id="attachment_1612" align="aligncenter" width="235"]John Legend posing for the red carpet with the sexy John Legend posing for the red carpet with the sexy Christine Tiegen.[/caption] One must not immediately discard a rock band as having little to no fashion know-how. Fun. is an indie pop band made up of three slim men who have seemingly mastered the art of looking sharp. The three all decided to sport slim fitting suits with super thin lapels. Two-thirds of the band decided to wear skinny ties with matching pocket squares just peering out of their tiny pockets. Fun.’s choice to wear darker, safe tones is also complemented by clever jacket patterns and stylish glasses. [caption id="attachment_1613" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Fun.'s We Are Young won Song of The Year at the Grammy's Awards. Fun.'s We Are Young won Song of The Year at the Grammy Awards.[/caption] The most memorable musicians of the evening were, without a doubt, Mumford and Sons. Aside from winning album of the year, the Grammy’s most notable award, the four piece English folk band maintained a healthy balance of rockstar and gentleman. Despite half of the band sporting what appear to be designer leather jackets, the other two men decided to wear open jackets and rugged looking dress shirts with no neckwear in sight. As this quartet may not be invited to any ballroom dance in the near future, they certainly know how to dress in a modern world without losing any sort of burly edge. [caption id="attachment_1614" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Album of The Year! Mumford and Sons probably regretted their decision not to have accepted the most prestigious award in tuxedos. Album of The Year! Mumford and Sons might have regretted their decision not to accept the most prestigious Grammy award in tuxedos - or knowing them, probably not.[/caption] It is interesting to note how these musical minds mentioned manage to compose a flavorful form of formal wear. One can only hope this state of creativity never fizzles out as these Grammy nominees and winners continue to inspire not only our eardrums but also our overall sense of fashion.

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