How A Gentleman Matches His Prom Date in 2013

It was hard enough to come up with the best promposal your school has ever seen, now you have to match your date’s dress. Don’t fret over formal wear. This is a good opportunity to show off that GQ-esque flair you've been hiding throughout the school year.  Still struggling at this point? Try some of these looks to keep your date and your style always at your side.

[caption id="attachment_1768" align="aligncenter" width="468"]Submit Your Entry For A Chance To Win A Calvin Klein Tuxedo! Submit Your Entry For A Chance To Win A Calvin Klein Tuxedo![/caption] If you’re at a complete loss, keep it simple and sophisticated. You can never go wrong with a black tuxedo and a white tuxedo shirt. It is a black tie affair, after all. Try a slim fit tuxedo to keep up with what's hot this year. A sleek silk necktie always fits the bill and will keep your style looking sharp. Overall, a tailored look will have you exuding confidence and help you match your date's expectations effortlessly. [caption id="attachment_1622" align="aligncenter" width="265"]Keep it timeless with traditional formal wear. Keep it timeless with tradition.[/caption] Looking to take it farther a little more? Time to pull out some tuxedo accessories. Find out what your date is planning to wear for the night and go from there or ask for your date's opinion while you’re browsing an online tuxedo store to ensure there is no confusion. There are plenty of opportunities to work the color throughout your outfit. Choose a solid color tuxedo vest or even something that has a pattern if you’re feeling a bit bolder - a tasteful touch can do wonders. If you’re looking for a bit extra, add a pocket square for a small sampling of color.  Don’t forget your tie! Whether it’s a classic necktie or the current trendy bow tie, there are lots of colors to choose from.  You can also try a cummerbund set to put your ensemble together a little easier. [caption id="attachment_1624" align="aligncenter" width="265"]White Illusion Tuxedo Be a confident companion.[/caption] Ready to go wild on prom night? If you’re a man who is up for anything, try a colored tuxedo. You can rock a colored jacket if you’re not ready to risk your reasonable reputation. Novelty vests are also a great way to have fun for the night. [caption id="attachment_1623" align="aligncenter" width="265"]Now that's some fierce formal wear! Now that's some fierce formal wear![/caption] Coordinating with your date can be tricky, but don’t get too overwhelmed. You do not need to match perfectly to look good at prom. Don’t be coerced into an attire you’re uncomfortable in, or let your date’s dress limit your options. This night is about you too! Take control of your clothes. Try incorporating a complementary color in your formal wear that will pair well with your date’s choice of dress. [caption id="attachment_1626" align="aligncenter" width="265"]Peak Tailcoat Don't forget to smile![/caption] Prom isn't just for the girls anymore. You can have fun with your outfit.  Your prom night will be all the more fantastic if you take the extra time and effort to match your date. Not only will she appreciate it, but you’re style will benefit from it as well. Be prepared for pictures and a night you will never forget. Set the standard for men everywhere, and show them how a true gentlemen does prom 2013.

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