2014 New York Film Critics Circle Awards

http://www.nyfcc.com/The 2014 New York Film Critics Circle Awards ceremony took place January 5th at Tao Downtown in New York. Stars attending the event included Jake Gyllenhaal, Patricia Arquette, Kyra Sedgwick, Rose McGowan, Timothy Spall and Marion Cotillard.

The awards, besides being prestigious in and of themselves, may also provide Oscar watchers clues as to which movies, and which stars, will be winners at the upcoming Academy Awards. So, the award winners at the NYFCC gala might want to keep their designer heels and black tuxedo shoes handy. The NYFCC’s website states that “since 1935, the Academy Awards has given Best Picture to 43 percent of the NYFCC’s picks.” However, the NYFCC prides itself on honoring films and performances of outstanding excellence, regardless of whether they achieve Oscar fame or wide recognition. Jake Gyllenhaal and Kyra Sedgwick served as award presenters.

The NYFCC gave its 2014 Best Picture Award to the movie “Boyhood.” Patricia Arquette received the Best Supporting Actress Award for her role as the mother in the movie, and Richard Linklater also received the Best Director Award for his direction of the movie. “Boyhood” follows the life of one fictional boy as he grows up, as his life changes, and as he inevitably changes with it. The film was shot over a 12-year period, and has received favorable notice from critics, as well as five Golden Globe nominations. The NYFCC gave its Best Actor Award to Timothy Spall for his role in the movie “Mr. Turner.” The drama explores the life and art of complex British painter J.M.W. Turner. Spall also won the Palme d’Or Award, Best Actor, for this performance at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. Marion Cotillard took the NYFCC’s Best Actress Award for her performances in “The Immigrant” and “Two Days, One Night.” “The Immigrant” follows the trials of two Polish sisters who immigrate to ‘20s-era America, and “Two Days, One Night” explores downsizing in the story of a woman whose colleagues discover that they can get extra pay for doing her job themselves. The red carpet look at the 2014 awards ceremony was semiformal elegance, with men generally opting for tailored suits and ties, and women favoring designer dresses and gowns. Jake Gyllenhaal wore a sleek black suit over a white shirt with an open collar, skipping both ties and cummerbunds. Linklater also opted for a black suit, white shirt and simple tie. Spall was smart in a gray suit over a navy vest, navy shirt and elegant two-toned tie. Sedgwick was stunning in an off the shoulder, floor length navy gown. Arquette wore a navy Escada dress with bead detailing, and Cotillard was chic in a black Dior minidress over a high-necked collar in black and white sequins. McGowan was the fashion rebel in a black leather jacket over orange leather trousers. To find out more about the award winners at this event, you can visit the Awards Page for a list from 2014 as well as past years.

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