3 Classic Tuxedo Styles: As Seen in The Great Gatsby

[caption id="attachment_2116" align="alignright" width="240"]Look as dashing as Gatsby when attending your next formal event. Look as dashing as Gatsby when attending your next formal event.[/caption] Next month's highly anticipated release of Hollywood's film adaptation of The Great Gatsby will be an exposé of the extravagant black tie parties of the social elite popularized in what is widely known as the "Roaring Twenties." Because of the setting in which this story takes place, the movie will be featuring an abundance of men's formal wear, as did the previous five cinematic versions.  For us this aspect becomes most interesting for the simple reason that it will reiterate the fact that some styles, even after decades of fashion trends, never disappear.  This is especially true when men's formal wear is the topic of discussion.  So as we get ready for the premiere, here are a few tuxedo styles you can expect to see in the 2013 rendition of classic literature.

1. The Gold Standard

The most traditional style seen in The Great Gatsby, and predicated on the fashion of that era, is what is known as The Gold Standard.  The style of tuxedo is made up of a single-breasted one-button jacket with peak lapels and no vents in the back.  Underneath the tuxedo jacket, a cummerbund or backless vest should be worn for the place of a waistcoat. Lastly, the choice tie of this collection would have to be a bow tie.

2. Satin Shawl Labels

A very fashionable style that gets a lot of contemporary appeal is the appearance of shawl lapels, which Leo happens to find quite the eye-catcher. This tuxedo alternative to satin lapels are smooth and with the shiny design of the fabric, they draw attention to the center of the tuxedo. The shawl design is accompanied by a cummerbund, as the roundness of both complement each other well. [caption id="attachment_2115" align="aligncenter" width="238"]You can't get the girl if you don't look your best! You can't get the girl if you don't look your best![/caption] 3. Three Piece Tuxedo You can tell by the sneak peak of the movie that many of the extravagant guests at Gatsby’s parties are wearing three-piece tuxedos. You can also see this look a lot with the suits in other scenes. The full vest was popular then and had a very flashy look about it.  It’s more popularized now as one of the less formal tuxedo accessories but The Great Gatsby seems to show how elegant it can look when incorporated into a black tie attire. Just as the F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel has a timeless appeal, so do the 1920s black tie standards that still influence men’s style to this day. The very simplistic design soon to be seen in The Great Gatsby this May 10 has unrivaled elegance. Not only will this film uncover our recollection of being well-dressed, it will also infuse the desire to revamp a look that has been almost forgotten. Dressing in a tuxedo elevates one’s enthusiasm at any special event, a facet in which Gatsby is certain to remind us of.

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