3 Formal Wear Events To Look Forward To

[caption id="attachment_2122" align="alignright" width="300"]Gatsby knows how to have a good time AND look good. Gatsby knows how to have a good time AND look good.[/caption] With awards season a distant memory as the warm weather approaches, formal wear for men is going to have a new outlet this summer. Various events occurring during the warmer months of the season present a great platform for celebrities to experiment with their looks and light the fire to ignite a new series of trends! Summer stands out as a fashionable and fun time of the year due to the slew of big summer movies, cookouts, fireworks celebrations, etc. Here are a few events that any formal wear fans should pay attention to in regards to famous fashion! Cinema: The Great Gatsby (May 10th)While the summer movie season kicks off in May, this particular event will be one of the most fashionable flicks of the season! Not only does this showcase the wonderful and wild 1920’s formal wear but viewers can also see these exotic clothes with the additional depth of 3-D.  From three piece suits and tuxedos to dazzling and glittering dresses, the filmmaking team wanted to make the look of that decadent decade resonate as much as possible! *As a side note, another very fashion focused film premiering this summer is The Director: An Evolution in Three Acts. The subject of this documentary is Frida Giannini, the renowned Gucci designer. Once the release date is announced, head to the local theater to see how some of the most luxurious tuxes in the world were made! Color Trends: From May through August, there are countless white and black tie affairs for the summer season. To decide on what to wear for the warm weather, focus on particular outfits that many celebs wore down the red carpet. For example, Jamie Foxx wore a two button single-breasted grey tuxedo with black peak lapels as he traipsed down the red carpet for the Oscars. This is a suave look for the summer since it won't collect heat as much as a traditional black tux would. Try what would fit best based on the occasion. The weather plays a big factor in this decision but occasionally, a different material or color will allow a lot of breathing room and comfort. [caption id="attachment_2121" align="aligncenter" width="240"]Take a cute from Leo, and look your best at every occasion. Take a cue from Leo, and look your best at every occasion.[/caption] The Emmys: – In case you’re struggling through a lack of awards shows, the Emmy’s will be happening towards the end of the summer. While the famous folks in film dominate winter, the summer belongs to the talented people of the television industry. With the Critics' Choice TV Awards happening on June 10th, pop culture and fashion aficionados will have another chance to view actors like Jon Hamm presenting new tuxedo trends and establishing the precedent for next year's awards season. Ultimately, the summer has numerous opportunities for formal wear. The winter has plenty of events and gatherings to learn about trends but the summer’s warmer and more hospitable weather means more freedom for creativity and expression. From barbecues to yachting, the style you choose or ideas you present will make your outfit special. Summer 2013 is shaping up to be a good one for fans of formal wear!

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