Enough About Women's Couture – Men's Tuxedos at The Met Gala 2013

Just a few days ago was the annual MET Ball, aka the MET Gala (or Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Benefit Gala), which kicks off New York’s most popular museum’s couture exhibition.  As a tradition, celebrities from all different mediums, including music and film, attend dressed in their best gowns and tuxedos as a tribute to the emphasis of the exhibition.  The exposé of fashion found the night of the ball is always guaranteed to be one full of beauty and elegance.  Even though the female celebs like Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, La La, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kristen Stewart had resounding presence, we are a bit more concerned with how the male counterparts challenged one another to a subtle gentlemanly battle of fashion tastes. For our pleasure, it turned out to be an eye-catching night.  Here are just a few of the styles recognized at the Gala:

1. Navy Blue Tuxedo

[caption id="attachment_2160" align="aligncenter" width="199"]Nikolaj looking snazzy in his blue tux at the MET Ball red carpet. Nikolaj looking snazzy in his blue tux at the MET Ball red carpet.[/caption] Nikolaj Coster, actor for the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, added a modern look to the night.  He wore the highly popular navy blue tux that seems to be popping up all over big events like this one.  The jacket consisted of a satin shawl lapel and a single button.  For a tuxedo shirt he went with standard white and topped it off with a black silk bow tie.  Nikolaj really showed why this tuxedo gains so much preference nowadays.

2. Mandarin Collar

[caption id="attachment_2161" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Zachary Quinto staying true to the MET Gala's punk theme during the after party. Zachary Quinto staying true to the MET Gala's punk theme during the after party.[/caption] Zachary Quinto took a bold lunge away from convention and explored the spirit of elaborate fashion which the ball seems to encourage (just ask Madonna about that).  Mr. Quinto was in attendance without a jacket, and substituting it with a tuxedo vest altered at the neck to include  the mandarin collar.  Besides the vest, the rest of outfit did not consist of many tuxedo accessories.  Zachary did not wear any tie or centerpiece and left the vest unbuttoned, but chain-linked.  His less formal attire was somewhat different but bold enough to perfectly complement his blue-dyed hair.

3. Black Tuxedo

[caption id="attachment_2162" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Gerard Butler's black tux seems to be effective with the ladies (and whip cream). Gerard Butler's black tux seems to be effective with the ladies (and whip cream).[/caption] The well known actor Gerard Butler gave his best rendition of conservative dress by adhering to the retro-fashion known as The Gold Standard.   The tuxedo jacket was two-buttoned with satin peak lapels that shined bright while he strolled casually on the red carpet.  The rest of his formal wear was made up of a white tuxedo shirt, with black buttons, and a black bow tie, the essential accessory for any black tie event. Butler is clearly knowledgeable of the dress codes, and let it be known that some choice outfits may be older but have a style incapable of being upstaged. The MET Gala is always an exciting adventure into transitioning fashion.  From old to new, traditional to modern, every year various adaptations on how to wear a tux are captured at the doors of one of the worlds most popular exhibits.  This year was an excellent demonstration of men’s formal wear, which can only have us thinking that the 2014 Gala will be just as good, if not better.

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