Tuxedo Shoes on a Budget: Formal Wear Fashion Tips

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="230"] Look sharp and feel great for the big night![/caption] Prom season is now closer than ever. Since May has arrived, numerous high schools will be preparing for the big dance. Students will be approaching every tuxedo shop they can in order to negotiate a deal and find the perfect outfit. While many students will factor in cost for their formal wear purchase, one key factor they should also be considering is what shoes to include. These small elements are essential for successfully creating a unique and elegant look. Ultimately, what you put on your feet will affect the price. With the high cost, careful consideration needs to be paid to every part of the tux. For fashionable feet, here are some shoes to help complete the entire look. Genuine Black Patent Leather (New Orleans) Square Toe Slip On Shoes by Brentano [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="198"] Sleek and Sharp![/caption] Regardless of the outfit or cost, these shoes are the most common for any tux.  With such a lustrous sheen to them, combined with high comfort insoles, these embody sophistication.  Whether you’re dancing the night away or attending a gala, these formal shoes are worth every penny, since the leather is extremely durable and can be suitable for any formal occasion.  A black two-button tux is a good accompaniment for these since it’s a simplistic outfit. Ivory Cosmopolitan Tuxedo Shoes by Jean Ives [caption id="attachment_2166" align="aligncenter" width="260"]file_1_11 These formal shoes are perfect for summer weddings.[/caption] While considering costs for these outfits, try going for this shoe since it can be a nice experimentation.  The ivory color with a chiseled toe profile gives a contemporary look with a stylish profile. These shoes are easy to take care of but unfortunately very hard to find. The color is rare and underrepresented but they go well with a pure ivory tux or a standard one.  Durability is a big aid in this brand since they are very easy to take care of. White (Jazz Oxford) Tuxedo Shoes This pair of white tuxedo shoes are a great deal at their current price. They have a moisture-absorbing lining along with a black heel and red velvet lining on the inside. These are a perfect match for any white formal attire. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="238"] A classy white shoe is perfect for any outfit![/caption] Genoa Style Tuxedo Shoes in Black [caption id="attachment_2169" align="aligncenter" width="300"]genoa_1 Genoa tuxedo shoes are handsomely designed and perfect for those extra formal occasions.[/caption]   Another selection from Jean Ives, the patented Comfort Softee cushion ensures that any gentleman is comfortable the whole night. Made with Italian sensibilities of style and sleekness with the synthetic patent upper and a round toe profile, these formal shoes can work with any tux especially a grey fashion fit outfit. Shoes can speak volumes about your personality which is why they’re the linchpin for outfits. Comfort is the deciding factor when purchasing this segment of the formal wear outfit. Many events will pop up besides prom so having that excellent pair of shoes, which can withstand the elements, is very important. Despite this, experimentation can be a good idea too based on the selection.  Ultimately, your shoes are the most important part of the outfit.  Styles are going to vary but consider the comfort factor and you will not regret your choice.

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