Film Fashion: Top Three Best Dressed Actors

Many people have fashion icons, especially for formal wear. The people who hold this impressive title are usually actors, politicians, or others often in the public eye. They are always well dressed when present in the media spotlight, and that's why we lookup to them. They never seem to have a crooked tie or a speck of lint anywhere on their suits or dresses.

The devil is in the details when planning a formal wear outfit especially for men. Since the summer holds countless opportunities for outdoor events like weddings and barbecues, the need to look flawless cant be stressed enough. To gain ideas on how to create a look, here are three of the most dapper stars of the silver screen, who always look well kempt and amazing on the red carpet.

  1). Leonardo Dicaprio   [caption id="attachment_2191" align="alignnone" width="225"]leodicaprio Dicaprio captivates in formalwear both on and off the screen.[/caption]     Leo has been a mainstay on the red carpet ever since a young age. His new release of The Great Gatsby is going to be another showcase of luxurious fashion with Leo playing the titular character. At every premiere, the star can usually be seen in a wide variety of formalwear, always favoring either black or grey.  His shoes are always sleek with either a pair of flat oxfords or black leather slip ons. To imitate this look, try on a Black 2 Button Super 150’s Wool Tuxedo by Tessori Uomo accompanied by a pair of Black (Jazz Oxford) Tuxedo shoes. Leo favors these dark styles since they don’t prove to be distracting. Essentially, Leo looks are great for many formal occasions so emulating this star’s fashion sense would be useful and fun.   2).  Daniel Craig [caption id="attachment_2192" align="alignnone" width="300"]danielcraig Craig knows how to look dangerous in a tuxedo![/caption]   James Bond movies contain the quintessential formal wear look for any man. The long history of this film franchise has created a lavish look for a variety of tuxedos with Daniel Craig being the latest actor to embody the secret agent. The actor is always impeccable on the red carpet favoring slim fit suits with a plunging neckline. Usually Mr. Craig provides a pocket square as an elegant accessory for his beige or blue jackets. For the suave secret agent look this brit effortlessly embodies,  wear a black velvet dinner jacket with a white non-pleated laydown (como) tuxedo shirt by Cardi.   3).  Robert Downey Jr. [caption id="attachment_2193" align="alignnone" width="213"]67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room Robert Downey Jr. brings a special flare to any formal attire.[/caption] The man who brings iron man to life hardly dresses in a robotic manner. While the actor favors eccentric and quirky looks like brown lederhosen, he does dress well for many events where he makes a scene regardless. The star loves color so try a red tuxedo jacket with black trousers. RDJ stands out from the crowd but in a good way so this lavish look will attract attention while being a good investment. These actors are always ranked on best-dressed lists. For their skills on the silver screen and attention their attention grabbing looks on the red carpet. They always embody men’s passion for formal wear. Follow these looks and you’ll always be dressed impeccably no matter what the summer may bring.

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