Formal Wear Flicks: Three Iconic Movie Weddings

[caption id="attachment_2200" align="aligncenter" width="600"]greek wedding This hilarious movie featured formal wear looks that were unforgettable.[/caption] For cinephiles and formal wear fashionistas, the summer movie season offers a little something for everyone. Beginning in May, the onslaught of films commence providing audiences with a ton of popcorn and indie fare which keeps everyone occupied. Another aspect of the warmer weather is that numerous couples decide to hold their weddings outdoors. With the abundant sunshine and bountiful good weather, the occasion is made much more special. In case you are invited to one of these special occasions or just need some guidance from a classic film, here are three iconic wedding scenes from movies for any formal wear fan to love.

My Best Friends Wedding (1997)

Starting off with a popular favorite from the 1990’s, this was the quintessial rom-com of that time. Also known as one of the two most famous movies of Julia Roberts, the film has an extremely iconic wedding scene. As Julianne Potter (Julia Roberts) rushes to confess her love for her friend Michael (Dermot Mulroney) she ultimately realizes that her friend genuinely loves his bride-to-be.  With a musical melody preceding the penultimate scene, this is a wedding to remember. Dermot wears a simplistic tux with a wrap around bow tie which showcases the more simple the better. The scene mattered more on the exchange then on the fashion. For any fans, dressing up for the occasion does not need to be showy or outrageous.

The Wedding Singer (1998)

The 90’s produced a large amount of beloved wedding movies and the wedding singer starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore is another addition to the list. Before proceeding into films where he doesn’t actually seem to care, Sandler plays a loveable wedding singer who tries to win over Julia (Barrymore) despite her engagement to obnoxious businessman Glenn. Also notable for parodying the 80’s, he wears a variety of flashy outfits while performing at his gigs. The most notable one was a red jacket combined with a waist length black tie, which he wore after being left at the altar by his fiancée. To imitate this unique look, go for bold colors. The 80’s loved pastels and neons, so pair a red or blue with a dark/mellow statement to ensure the tux doesn’t border on tacky.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding  (2002)

Progressing into the 21st century, this film was a big hit and became one of the most famous wedding movies in the past few years. John Corbett is the titular example of fashion in this film. After coping with his fiancés crazy Greek family, he appears at the wedding, decked out in coattails, a corsage and peak lapels. Again, another example where simplicity is the key. After weathering the onslaught of his new wife’s kooky family, Corbett’s character just decided to keep it straightforward. Plenty of other movies offer great suggestions for weddings. Regardless these are entertaining flicks that have something for everyone.

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