50 Tuxedos of Grey

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="194"] Are you ready for this tempting motion picture debut?[/caption] Everyone's favorite hot and heavy read of Summer 2011 is finally making progress on its motion picture casting. An adult erotic novel of scandalous proportions, Fifty Shades of Grey is hitting the big screen, with a new actor chosen to play the man himself. The ever charming Jamie Dornan is set to play the 28 year old CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc. Extraordinarily enticing in his own right, the former Irish rugby player holds his own with a fantastic physique and dramatic flair to match. He began his acting career in Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette and has since starred in the likes of ABC's Once Upon a Time and BBC's  The Fall. But this interesting Irishman started his work in front of a different camera lens. Once a model for Dior, Armani, and Calvin Klein, Dornan is all too familiar with leaving little to the imagination. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="238"] Smooth with the ladies, Jamie Dornan is quite the match for Christian Grey.[/caption] Christian Grey, Dornan's on screen role, is a billionaire playboy. Charming, devilishly handsome, and wise with words, he's a smooth talker who's not afraid to get what or whomever he wants. This high class attitude is often paired with stunning men's formal wear, because Grey understands all too well the appeal of a tuxedo. Channel this dangerous and formal attitude with your own tuxedo and let the ladies get a taste of your smooth, seductive style. Rock your own version of the Grey inside of you. A smart businessman, his attire (unlike his life in the bedroom) is traditional. Go for solid colored neckties and crisp white tuxedo shirts. A timeless black tuxedo will always do the trick. Try the slim fit tuxedo for the ultimate dose of masculine pride. Embrace Jamie Dornan's flair for the physique by wearing something that aligns to the contours of your body. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="278"] Ready to go Grey? Try this tux on for the ultimate 50 Shades experience.[/caption] Or why not try the ultimate dose of Grey? A grey tuxedo is just what you need to stand out marvelously in your mens formal wear. This tuxedo provides the classic contrast Christian Grey would adore with a bit of a twist. The black accents make this tuxedo pop with vigorous style and sophistication. Wear this and you'll be sure to sweep your own Anastasia Steele off her feet in no time at all. Confidence is essential when channeling the charming main character. Christian Grey would never be caught looking timid in a tuxedo. Stand tall like the successful man you are. A great attitude can only make your style stand out significantly more. A tuxedo is not an outfit to be coy in. Play up your strong sense of fashion and fierce desire to be in charge. In command, you'll look ready to go in your fitted tuxedo of choice. When in doubt simply consider, WWCGW? What would Christian Grey wear?

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