Fall Formals - What Colors Look Best?

[caption id="attachment_2471" align="alignleft" width="300"]peak-tailcoat-black-matching-trousers-available-100-wool-7539 Fall formals call for sleek and fun tuxedos.[/caption] It can be really hard to decide what colors to wear with all the options out there. The good news is that specific colors pop during the different seasons. Now that fall is well underway, it’s important to make sure you are rocking the right fall formals. Fall is unique in that all the green leaves change colors, expressing a clear need for versatility and experimentation during these next months. Here are some suggestions for colors that will help your formal wear stand out—after all, you do have to compete with the gorgeous dress and leaves.


Okay, I know what you’re thinking: everything is changing from green to different colors, so why should we stick with boring, old green? The answer is just that! What with all the foliage turning gold, red, yellow, and orange, a nice green shirt or men’s formal vest will add the perfect pop of color to have you drawing the eyes of all who pass by. A deep green or emerald color will look especially magnificent set against a fall backdrop. If you don’t want to wear an entirely colored tuxedo, consider adding a pop of green to one of your accessories: a light colored shirt with a green tie or bowtie will look great on the eyes, especially in the fall lighting. Bear in mind that the different shades of green will represent different things. For instance, a deep green embodies elegance and sophistication while a light green is more playful. Depending on the event, use various shades of green to portray the image you want to show off.


Blues are an interesting fall color because they are so conspicuous. A bold blue can look very classy and meditative as a nice contrast to the pastel yellows and reds on the trees and ground. If you want to add a bit of regality to the look, select a color that is bordering purple, but still in the blue family.


Reds will look fantastic no matter the season, but they are particularly handsome in Autumn. They seem to compete for attention with the leaves on the trees, but if you wear them right, you can win. A deep, luscious red can easily show up the foliage by being vibrant and bright in a way that a leaf can never maintain. Even just a dash of color is enough in this case. Like green, depending on the shade of red, you will be sending a different message. A deep red portrays an expressive, dramatic look; a light pink is more subdued and sensual.


No fall wardrobe is complete without the statement yellows and oranges. Both of these are more muted, natural, and neutral, which makes them a clear staple in their versatility. Fall is a great time to experiment with your men’s tuxedos and formal wear colors. Just as the leaves fell free to shake off their old colors and embrace brighter ones, so too should you feel free to try new things. Who knows—you may find the new black.

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