8 Tips to Keep Any Groom Sane

[caption id="attachment_2502" align="alignright" width="125"]mens_black_polyester_tuxedo_jacket_with_notch_lapel_finetuxedos_com_sm Celebrate your wedding in style![/caption] Getting married is a big deal. You and your fiancée have been planning a beautiful affair for months now, and you want to enjoy your special day and make sure everyone else does, too. Of course, all of this can be a little stressful, especially if the bride-to-be (or her parents, or your parents) is getting anxious about all the little last-minute details. We want you to have the time of your life and remember your wedding as an absolutely wonderful day. With that in mind, here are 8 pieces of wisdom to keep you from having a groomzilla moment.
  1. Plan Ahead

    The week leading up to your wedding can be pretty chaotic. Do as much advance packing (and laundry, if need be) for the big day and your honeymoon as you possibly can. Getting dressed at the wedding venue? When you pick up your men's tuxedo, cufflinks, and other apparel for the wedding day, hang them somewhere highly visible so you can't leave without them.
  2. Take A Day Off.

    If you have one to spare, take a personal day from work the day before your wedding. You'll have time to do last-minute errands and packing, while leaving some time to relax before the big event.
  3. Ask For Help

    Your best man or one of your other buddies may be willing to help you with some of these errands, like making sure all the ushers pick up their tuxedo shoes and accessories. One less thing for you to worry about!
  4. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

    Sure, you want the guys' vest colors to coordinate perfectly with the bridesmaids' dresses and flowers in the photos—that's an important detail. If the florist has to replace a few of the seasonal flowers due to availability, or the venue runs out of one kind of hors d'oeuvre, don't let it bug you.
  5. Be A Smart Bachelor

    Having a night out with the guys? Plan it several weeks in advance of the wedding so you aren't exhausted the next morning, or ask your boys make it a low-key evening. Speaking of which …
  6. Wake Up Early On The Day Of The Wedding.

    Think you can hit the snooze button just because you don't have hair and makeup appointments like your blushing bride? Get out of the sack on time anyway—you don't want to feel like you're rushing around trying to find your tuxedo shirt in time.
  7. Make Sure You Eat Something!

    Brides and grooms are so busy getting dressed and groomed for the event, checking on the flowers, posing for photos, and greeting guests that they often don't eat all day. Take some time to enjoy the amazing food you two chose for your reception, especially the cake!
  8. Stop And Smell The Roses

    Or the baby's breath, or the succulents, or whatever you chose for your floral arrangements. Don't get so caught up in the happy chaos of it all that you forget to enjoy yourselves. Wedding planning takes a year, and the whole event is over in just a few hours. Pause to admire your beautiful bride, dance with your grandmother, and savor the beginning of your amazing marriage. Congratulations!

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