A New Tuxedo Situation

There are certain topics that we thought we'd never have to broach on this blog. Like shirtless reality TV stars who not only decide that their new calling in life is tuxedo design, but are offered six figure deals so that they can bring said tuxedos to an unexpecting public. Things have a tendency to change though, and the situation is now this: Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, star (questionably speaking) of The Jersey Shore and frequent publicity adventurer, has agreed to collaborate with Flow Formal Wear on their 2012 line, with Sorrentino being granted design and modeling duties aplenty. At present, he and Flow are crossing their fingers and hoping that they will spearhead a formalwear revival among the younger generations. Sorrentino is rather familiar with the worlds of spokesmanship, modeling, and even fashion design, and his rise to fame as an unlikely star of an unlikely success makes him something of a wildcard. Certainly, many eyes have focused on this intriguing new venture, and the resultant media attention alone is enough to stimulate interest in the men's formal wear industry. We're well aware that the reaction has been on the negative side of skeptical, and some people are almost aghast over Flow's unorthodox move. How dare they place the success of their line on the often bare shoulders of a man who's known more for crass than class? Etcetera. The thing is men's formalwear isn't about perpetuating the tuxedo attitude through all hours of the day; no, it's about cleaning up damned well. And how better to demonstrate the effects of a quality suit on a man whose style rests somewhere on the other side of the menswear spectrum than through a man like Sorrentino, whose own casual manner of dress is immediately recognizable by the general public? So join us, gentlemen, in waiting with baited breath for Flow's 2012 line. We're both excited to see what designs The Situation has in store for us, and anxious to learn what affect this line will have on the present and future of men's formalwear. Of course, you can also look forward to seeing it all for sale here.

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