How To Find The Perfect Fitting Tuxedo

Some men put grievously little thought into their tuxedos. When occasions call for them to dress their very best, these men are content to dig through the depths of their closets and wardrobes to find That One Tuxedo that they own, or they jet off to the nearest tuxedo rental place and secure themselves some used clothing that fits like it belongs to someone else — quite probably because it very much does. It's understandable though. Finding the perfect fitting tuxedo is an exercise in patience and experimentation, and it can be a hassle. Still, it's a necessary step for any man who wants to look his absolute best. So how does one go about finding that perfectly-suited suit? 1. Consult The Experts Well, your first stop is at a professional tailor's for measurement. After a moderate process of much posing and measuring, you should emerge with precise measurements and generally ideal shirt, pant, and jacket sizes. With these numbers in hand, you may proceed to the second step. 2. Experiment With Cuts and Styles It's not remotely true that the perfect suit fit begins and ends with the size of its shoulders and the length of its pants; rather, the cut of the tuxedo itself can make all of the difference between a good looking suit and one that is worn with utmost perfection. Whether comparing the sharp differences between double and single breasted tuxes or the more subtle ones between collar styles, you'll find that some looks are better suited to your body type than others. So don't go with the latest style or the pieces that look best on the rack: fashion is about looking your best, so focus on that. 3. Find A Suit You Like This is the easy step. Once you understand both your size and your cut, you can start to shop around a little more. Finding a tuxedo that suits not only your style but your budget won't always be an easy undertaking, but it will be a rewarding one. 4. Consider Alterations Tailors are masters of their craft; they can and will take the tuxedo you purchased and transform it into something that suits every inch of your frame. Their advice might seem a little unnecessary, true, but remember this: in fashion, everything is in the details. There. That should do it. Four steps that will ensure that you fine gentleman are united with the finest tuxes.

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