And The Red Carpet Goes To...

[caption id="attachment_624" align="alignleft" width="239" caption="This Year's Oscar "][/caption] For decades now, culture and class have collided and clashed at the Oscars, much to the fashion-conscious world's delight. But as much as the motion picture industries would like to believe that this event is carried by its representation of the finest in film accomplishments, you know as well as we do that the event's most captive audience isn't so much the moviegoers as it is those of us who watch with a keen eye for style of both fabulous and faux-pas varieties. So what did this year have in store for us? Well, first and foremost it brought Sacha Baron Cohen into our spotlight again, this time accompanied by a Gaddafi-parodying female guard and dressed as his latest character. The Dictator, as he so happened to be, came donning a full beard and wearing military garb complete with sashes, medals, ribbons, epaulets and a gold urn of Kim Jong Il, because goodness knows the man has no concept of excess. Please, for the love of all that is good and fashionable, don't try that at home gentlemen. Joining him in the less than distinguished dunce corner is none other than producer Brian Grazer, who accessorized his passable notch lapel tuxedo with a tangy orange spray tan and hair that looks like it was electrocuted into place — yikes. Fortunately though, most of the other attendees chose to favor sophistication over showmanship. Colin Firth, Jean Dujardin, and George Clooney were perhaps the stand-outs of the evening, with each man managing to look delightfully dapper in his tuxedo and bow tie. Many other men opted to stick with the basics too, so besides a few white jackets and grey shirts there weren't many deviations from the black and white simplicity that we all know and love. Our other most notables for the evening are Jonah Hill — who chose to pair his shawl lapel tux with a black shirt and blacker bow tie for a look that, while very neat and put together, sort of massed together with no real shape or sharpness — and Zachary Quinto, whose blue-accented tux, large square glasses, and sleek hairstyle gave him an air of nerd-chic that fit him rather well. Honorable mention goes to chef Wolfgang Puck who walked the red carpet in a stylized black and white chef's uniform accompanied by a delicious looking platter of food that, more than anything, made us wish we were there ourselves.

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