Personalize Your Formal Wardrobe This Holiday Season

Limited Edition "Cocktails Anyone?" Formal BraceIt seems like just yesterday that we were off on summer vacation, basking in the warmth of the ever-present sun and enjoying the lazier days of the season, but now the holidays are now upon us, and you'd better believe that they're making relentless demands on our time, money, patience, and ability to withstand colder temperatures. If you're anything like us, you're not only flooded with questions on what gifts to buy, how to plan your vacation, and where the heck you're going to find the time for the myriad deadlines that have sneaked up on you, you're also starting to put some serious thought into how you're going to dress for the formal holiday events on your docket. This year, we're liking the trend toward character over classic influences. With the coming months being so rich with familial and friendly togetherness, reflection, and the warming light of love, there's really no better time to let your personality shine through your formal ensemble than this holiday season. Don't go rushing out to buy a Christmas tree green tuxedo jacket or — heaven forbid — one of those novelty ties that lights up to the tune of "Jingle Bells" though. While these are certainly personality-rich options, they're not quite what we had in mind. There are, after all, some formal rules to adhere to, which makes the hunt for the perfect accessories that much more challenging — and by extension, that much more fun. Take these four of our very own products for example: the "Cocktails Anyone?" Trafalgar formal brace, a snazzy pair of black silk formal socks, a vividly alive red silk tuxedo vest, and a graceful white silk tapestry formal scarf. These pieces play beautifully off of the mood and colors of the season without being over the top or, dare we say it, garish. They're also unique enough to stand out, and fun enough to bring some of their own warmth to the holiday season. Of course there are many other options available to you — we think that a gold vest would also look stunning — so what you should really be looking for are pieces that carry the spirit of the season for you while enveloping you in the glory of a good year passed and a greater year to come.  So dust off that tuxedo in your closet, and spice up your wardrobe.

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