Armani Men’s Formal Wear Makes Stars Shine

[caption id="attachment_93" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Armani Men’s Formal Wear Makes Stars Shine"]Armani Tuxedos Golden Globes[/caption]The photo in this blog has three of Hollywood’s top talents, Robert DeNiro, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, in formal wear created by one of the world’s top designers—Giorgio Armani. Each of these stars looks like they belong on the Hollywood red carpet. They were dressed for the Hollywood Globes. Actor Robert DeNiro, a classic himself, wore a classic Armani tuxedo. It is a style with which you can’t go wrong. There’s something timeless about this tux. Director Martin Scorsese dressed in a Giorgio Armani one-button peak lapel tuxedo. The lapels were satin. His shirt featured a classic spread collar evening shirt. The rest of the ensemble included a bow tie and formal vest. Scorsese opted to secure the top button on his jacket, which obfuscated our view of his tuxedo vest. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio looked sensational. He was very much at ease in the Armani Made-to-Measure two-button tuxedo with peak lapel. The matching five-button micro fiber vest, traditional white evening shirt and black bow tie were right on target. If you want a constant reminder of what tasteful men’s formal wear looks like, then print this photo and keep it on hand. These men are dressed for the ultimate formal evening out and look dashingly impressive. And for those who say all formal wear looks the same just consider how each of these tuxedos is unique and helps to define the person wearing it. DiCaprio looks stellar because he simply knows how to wear it. In fact, it looks as if he’s made for men’s formal wear. If anything the Armani Made-to-Measure tux really does conform to his frame, creating a picture that is synonymous with the dashing male physique that defines male Hollywood stars.

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