The Dinner Jacket and Less Formal Occasions

[caption id="attachment_90" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The Dinner Jacket and Less Formal Occasions"]The Dinner Jacket and Less Formal Occasions[/caption]It started in earnest about a year or so ago and it has become more common. What is it? It’s men wearing formal dinner jackets to less formal occasions. Rather than opting for a suit, some men are putting on a tuxedo with either a shawl, peak or notch collar. The point is to wear a formal dinner jacket to an event that does not call for one. In doing so, you lift the rules and regulations (dress code) that describes what other elements should be included to make your ensemble conform for formal wear standards. But it also does something else. It allows guys to get away with wearing tee shirts, jeans and sneakers with the formal jacket. There’s no need for a tie either. Why? Because the dinner jacket dresses your frame to the nines while it allows the rest of your body to be attired in matching or complimentary colors. If you’re wearing a black dinner jacket, then an informal black or white shirt, some dark jeans and a black pair of informal shoes all look fine. You can even get a little creative with the shirt, going with a light blue or hot pink, and finding footwear that might catch the attention of others, such as flip-flops or cowboy boots. As some formal events seem to be attended by men in less traditional formal attire, some events that would be considered to be less formal have men donning formal dinner jackets. It’s a way to spiff up without wearing a tie, formal dress shirt or trousers or dress shoes. For the right occasion, a date or a night out dancing or even a party, this can be a very classy option. Consider the dinner jacket the next time you’re going out to a less-than-formal event or gathering. Caption A formal dinner jacket with bow tie is not your only option.

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