Men’s Formal Wear Buying Tips

[caption id="attachment_87" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Classic Formal Black Tuxedo"]Classic Formal Black Tuxedo[/caption]Sometimes we take things for granted in terms of a man’s basic knowledge regarding what he should consider when purchasing a tuxedo. Here are three tips that you can use when buying men’s formal wear. They are designed to ensure that you purchase a tux that will be appropriate for as many occasions as is possible. First, let’s consider color. When we think of men’s formal wear, the most common color we think of is black. Black gives you the most versatility. Black was deemed to be the most appropriate color for formal events back in the 19th century and that still holds true today. The other color that would work would be dark or midnight blue, which is as close be being black as a color can be without actually being black. Our second tip involves fabric. It’s best to purchase a tuxedo that is made of lightweight material. The primary reason for this is comfort. Heavier materials can be difficult to move in and after a lengthy duration can start to feel uncomfortable. Also, lighter materials are cooler. If you’re in a stressful situation such as having to deliver an address, you’ll appreciate wearing a tux made from a lightweight material. Also, such materials can be comfortably worn on hot days as well as cool ones. Finally, consider jacket style, trousers and shirt and tie. These are really the foundation of your formal wear ensemble. The best choice when it comes to versatility is either a single or double breasted dinner jacket. The dinner jacket may be worn to virtually any formal event. With the jacket, you’ll have a choice of shawl, peak or notched lapel. The shawl is the most traditional, while the peaked can give you a look that makes you stand out a bit more. Go with one of these two. As far a body type goes, the peak is more slimming, while the shawl will fill you out more. Your trousers will be formal too, which means they are black, uncuffed and feature a satin stripe going down the outside part of each leg. Choose a white formal shirt with either a wing or turndown collar. Once again, the wing offers more of a classic, conservative feel. Either, however, is appropriate. For you tie, purchase a black bow tie. One thing to remember is that when you buy something that is traditional, you can always add some zest and variety to it by purchasing different cufflinks, vests, and ties. The jacket, shirt and trousers are your formal wear foundation and making a solid foundation is a good way to make sure that you own a tuxedo that you can wear to any formal occasion. Caption: Classic black dinner jacket

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