Jonas Brothers Fashion at “JoBros 3D” Premiere

[caption id="attachment_84" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Jonas Brothers Fashion at “JoBros 3D” Premiere"]Jonas Brothers Fashion at “JoBros 3D” Premiere[/caption]Here are Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. They are at the premiere if their rock concert movie. This Hollywood red carpet moment happened back in 2009, but it’s worth considering as it offers three contrasting looks. You may or may not be a fan of these three brothers, but there’s no doubt that they have become a pop culture force. Kevin, who is to the left, has the formal peaked collar jacket with a fairly hip, glossy black tie and an open white shirt. It’s formal but cool. This is something that you might see on anyone at a Hollywood premiere ranging in age from teenager to near-retirement age adult. Nice outfit. On the right hand side stands Joe with a satin jacket that sports a very conservative shawl lapel. The black, button down formal shirt has a bit of a ruffle and the gold tie offers a nice show biz feel. Note that his shirt is buttoned at top but the tie hangs loose. In some ways, this is a bit more conservative than Kevin’s outfit but it is also showier. That is one shiny coat he’s got on. In the middle and thick of it all is Nick Jonas. Nick went to the premiere dressed for the prom and that’s fine. The black bow tie and white formal shirt with its top button closed are ultraconservative. But the light blue jacket with traditional shawl collar is a beacon between the two brothers in black. It begs us to look at Kevin and so we do. Kevin has also pulled his sleeves up on his jacket, which is stating that he’s got something casual happening. This photo reveals that although these Jonas Brothers are each a part of a band, they are also individuals when it comes to taste in men’s formal wear togs. Which do you prefer—Kevin, Nick or Joe?

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