Red Carpet Men’s Formal Wear

[caption id="attachment_80" align="alignleft" width="238" caption="Emile Hirsch in \"Formal Wear\""]Emile Hirsch in Formal Wear[/caption]Here’s actor Emile Hirsch with Brianna Domont as they walked down and posed on the red carpet for the premiere of Taking Woodstock a little over a year ago. We’re always interested in what type of formal wear “looks” and styles men are wearing. Hirsch looks pretty spiffy for a guy attending a premiere about the first mega rock festival ever. What says it all is the ensemble itself, which includes a formal dinner jacket with black informal shirt and dark jeans. Add the red sunglasses and you’ve got a youthful and fairly informal look that offers a connection to men’s formal wear tradition. The traditional connection is in the formal jacket. The satin lapels are eye-catching and Hirsh’s decision to go with a tasteful but more conspicuous peaked lapel is interesting. The shawl lapel is considered to be more conservative and since the actor has decided to be anything but conservative with his outfit, the upward sweeping points of the peak reinforce the idea that he is going against tradition. The flair of the attention-getting peaked lapel with its glossy allure says, “This is a special event and I’m acknowledging it,” while the rest of the ensemble says, “but I’m showing my individual style through my shirt, pants and sunglasses.” It’s a good ensemble for the actor and the event.

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