Being James Bond – It’s all About the Tuxedo

[caption id="attachment_1199" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Daniel Craig graces us with James Bond's class as Skyfall opens in theaters today."][/caption] There's something undeniably special about James Bond that has kept him near the forefront of Hollywood for 50 years now. On November 9, he will return to his lofty throne as a box office beating action hero in the eagerly anticipated Skyfall. While some people will tell you that his perseverance as an icon of cinema (and to some extent, literature) has to do with his wit, intelligence, innate ability to be suave, and mastery of espionage, we naturally must argue that there's something about his taste, style, and demeanor that stands out and, in many respects, works to indelibly forge his image in the minds of millions of men and women across the globe. We've already talked about the film series in regard to its impact on and importance to men's formal wear though, so today we thought we'd put together some tips on how you gentlemen can emulate the fashion of  James Bond.


Slimness, svelteness, and smoothness are among the many “nesses” that describe the Bond style, but what does that mean for you? Simple: a fitted tuxedo is imperative to the look. Strive to avoid bulk, particularly in the arms and shoulders. Sharper and more overt cuts should be avoided as well – or at least should be hemmed and hawed over a little longer – and you'll want to be focusing almost exclusively on a tuxedo jacket with a shawl collar or peak lapel. As for the pants, wise Bonds-to-be will only consider a trouser with a flat front.

Tuxedo Shirt

You'll most certainly want to go with a white or ivory shirt with a laydown collar here, again for the sake of simplicity and smoothness. There is a twist here though: the shirt's other design elements are entirely up to your discretion. [caption id="attachment_1211" align="aligncenter" width="531" caption="In one of Skyfall's scenes, we get a glimpse of James Bond dressed in a modernized style."][/caption]

Tuxedo Shoes

When choosing tuxedo shoes, step away from the wingtips and any bells and whistles; there are great limits on the detailing of the ideal Bond shoe, and you'll only ever be able to make an argument in favor of a cap toe. Patent leather is perfect, but polish is your ally when you can't spring for the real deal.

Tuxedo Accessories

Bond is a man of action, danger, and adventure, and he's also the kind of guy who you can tell knows his way around a tuxedo. Both these elements of his character eliminate the mechanical neatness of a pre-tied bow tie as an option, meaning that you're going to have to tie your own tie if you want your look to pass for the original. A crisply folded pocket square is also an absolute must – don't neglect to include one. There you have them. With these garments in your wardrobe, you might just find yourself one step closer to embodying what it means to be Daniel Craig's Bond – visually, at least.

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