The Perks of Learning to Dance

So your best friend’s wedding is coming up and his fiancée is dragging him to dance lessons. She insists they need to impress everyone during their first dance as a couple. He is miserable about the idea and begs you to come along to make it a little less painful. Now I know what you’re thinking. "If I start ballroom dancing, there is a good chance I will be ridiculed mercilessly by my other friends." "He has the excuse that his soon to be wife is dragging him to go but I certainly don’t. If this gets out I will never be able to show my face at the gym again." Now you can bail out and say that dancing isn’t your thing or you can take a chance and make something happen. I can promise you they won’t be ridiculing you once they see the beautiful girls you are dancing with. It is well known that many dance classes are lacking male partners. This tends to be the case because so many men seem to have the same mentality. They don’t want to feel emasculated. This can’t be farther from the truth. The action of the man in ballroom dancing varies but one thing that is consistent is the man always leads. From the strong and powerful Paso Doble to the classy and sophisticated Foxtrot to the fun and flirtatious Cha Cha, you can dominate the floor. Just about any girl will be impressed with a guy who is a great dancer. Even if you are wearing the classiest and snazziest formal wear for men, you'd look like a bore if you're just standing around and tapping your feet to the music. Giving a dance class a chance can give you the opportunity to meet fun new girls who want nothing more than to be close to you (and maybe even give your necktie a little tug, to pull you closer). If you dive right in there is no time to feel awkward and you can create a mutual bond as you both struggle to remember the steps. Even if you don’t turn out to be the next Gene Kelly, most girls will appreciate that you are trying. Once the dance classes are done, even if a relationship doesn’t blossom from it, you now have the basis for a whole new set of moves. Busting a move on the dance floor at a wedding is sure to get you noticed by that cute single bridesmaid. Maybe take a leaf out of the great Fred Astaire’s book and rock a tailcoat with a nice, black formal top hat. The old silver screen heartthrobs made girls swoon through their songs, dance, and impeccable taste. With a classy look that's inspired by someone like James Bond or even Tom Cruise, you are bound to catch the eye of more than one girl. After you show off your stuff I’m sure you’ll both be happy dancing cheek to cheek. Though it’s true that most of the truly spectacular male dancers have been trained since they were very young, there is no reason you can’t pick up a few tricks. Don’t be afraid to take that leap, you might surprise yourself and land a leading lady. If the silver screen isn’t your cup of tea you can also look at some of the great football players of our time. Some take ballet in order to improve their balance and coordination. The classes help them to be light on their feet. I would like to see the guy who dares to make fun of a linebacker, that is if he can even get past the defensive line. While weddings may be few and far between there is no reason you can’t take these moves to a club as well. A quick step may not fit in this particular venue but a salsa can. Impress the ladies on the floor with your dance moves. So whether you decide to dress up in a white tux with tails and waltz the night away or Tango until the sun comes up, don’t knock it until you try it.

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