Novelties are the Icing on the Cake

[caption id="attachment_1236" align="alignleft" width="236" caption="Fred Astaire in the classic, You'll Never Get Rich"][/caption] You have been invited to attend the company's prestigious, annual gala. It's a great time to enjoy yourself with 5-star quality food, accept honorary titles and awards for your hard work in the business, and get to know your co-workers more. Therefore, you want to make a good and long lasting impression. A great way to start the night is by choosing a look that best fits and shouts your personality. Perhaps a sharp, double breasted tuxedo, much like something from Calvin Klein's formal wear collection will do. However, once you put the tux on, you realize that there's something missing. While the tuxedo fits perfectly, you feel the need to upgrade the classy outfit. While there is a connotation that the choices of formal wear for men are limited, one can always choose from a variety of novelty formal wear that still carries the same class and elegance as that of the standard black tuxedo. For special events like galas or balls, wearing tuxedos with tails are very much appropriate, especially if you're trying to stand out. Something from Cardi, Neil Allyn, or Ralph Lauren would definitely help your cause. With regards to the tail of your tuxedo coat, it is important to think about the tail's length - do you want the tail to be incredibly long and noticeable or short and modest? While this decision is up to you, it is very much dependent upon the type of impression you want to make on your peers and colleagues. A black formal top hat would go very well with a notch lapel tailcoat. You might be worried that wearing a top hat would look unfashionable, dated, and tacky, but actually, it is a sign of class and fashion sense. If you're still unconvinced, you can tone it down a little by going with a fashionable fedora zoot hat or a vintage looking pork pie hat. If you feel the need to channel someone like Fred Astaire, complete your look with a black onyx derby formal cane. Canes are readily used by respected gentlemen, and they often go well with most formal attire. The key with a cane, very much like top hats, is to make sure that it isn't too loud. Also practice walking with your cane to make sure you don't look awkward; take a few minutes to walk with it, perhaps while in front of a mirror or among friends. A cane is the clincher to your tuxedo and top hat. Novelties are good to have because they accentuate your personality and can spice things up from time to time. Whether you're wearing a nifty tux or just out and about in casual clothing, novelties help make an impression on people you meet. Just make sure that you don't let your outfit do all the talking - complement your look with your magnetic personality so that your taste in clothing and sense of style would be more appreciated. It's vital to choose which novelties best highlight your personality. After all, it's never a good thing when people get a wrong impression of who you are.

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