Bewitching Style on American Horror Story: Coven

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="360"] Have you joined the coven of American Horror Story fans?[/caption] Since the beginning of October, viewers across the nation have been bewitched by one of TV’s most popular shows. American Horror Story: Coven is the third installment of the ever popular series, featuring another spellbinding performance from Jessica Lange and her coven of young witches. With a dark path and an even more dangerous future, this coven is going to need all the power it can muster to take on the challenges that lie ahead. Channel your own coven with a wardrobe to match. Here, we show you how to take on even the most enchanting of evening events in men’s formal wear. Cast aside whatever you're doing and catch this enticing season of AHS Wednesdays at 10pm EST on FX for a taste of powerful formal wear. These women mean business. Each witch brings a unique power to the table and unique style. Consider what your own individual power or personal strength is and which formal wear style can enhance that. Tuxedos can bring out the best in men. From a significant boost in confidence to the appearance of extreme professionalism and fashionable flair, wearing a tux will allow your true potential to shine at your brightest. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="521"] Channel your favorite coven by wearing all black.[/caption] When channeling this charismatic coven of witches, it is best to look towards their leader. The Supreme Witch, colloquially known simply as The Supreme, is a marvel in the witching community. While many witches possess only a few gifts, the Supreme embodies multiple, if not all the gifts. The current Supreme is Fiona Good, played by Jessica Lange, who has come back to New Orleans to rule once again and conjure up a few surprises of her own. She is fierce and strong, a force to be reckoned with, she lets nothing and no one get in her way without feeling her exponential power and presence. Fiona is a fantastic member of the coven and one you should look to when considering your own style. One look at Fiona and you know who's boss. Channel that same energy into your style. When gathering inspiration from the coven, look at the younger witches for some inspiration too. Don't just reach for tradional formal wear. Be as modern as the young witches and reach for a slim fit tuxedo to match a more contemporary audience. Fiona, and many of the witches in the coven, have taken to wearing all or mostly black  formal clothing. Try this technique with your own clothing choices. Traditional tuxedos call for black and white, but what if you just wore black?  An all black tuxedo would put you in a wonderful position as a trendsetter in your crowd. Don't just aim for a classic white tuxedo shirt, but reach for a black tuxedo shirt or bundle today. Go for all black everything, including your necktie. Remember, stand tall and confident. Let your terrific tuxedo show off the power inside of you. You are supreme.

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