Male Modeling 101

[caption id="attachment_2491" align="alignleft" width="188"] Sometimes different models look best from either a side view or a front view, but not both.[/caption] Many people assume female models dominate the fashion industry. Regardless of whether or not that is true today, male modeling is certainly becoming more acceptable. Because of this, the modeling world, for both men and women, is becoming a more competitive environment. To remedy this, you must look for something that can give you an edge whenever you have an interview or photo shoot scheduled. This rule goes for both casual wear and formal wear. If you can stand out, you will become memorable and more easily remembered. Here are some tips for all you male models out there:


The point of modeling is to sell the garment. To do this, you need to pull off the perfect pose: one that reflects a masculinity that men can envy, but with an ease that suggests everyone can look this way too. To do this, practice modeling in a full-length mirror. Make sure you study all the shapes of your body so you can know what angles look best for you. Try to master at least five different poses so that when you are asked to change up your pose during a photo shoot, you aren't left floundering for a new look. At the same time, be aware that not everyone can pull off every look to the same degree. This means, if a front-view looks great for one person, it’s possible that look isn't best for you, and you should try standing in profile. Don’t forget what your goal is: no matter how you end up positioning you hands, legs, torso, and face, make sure you’re showing off the clothes that you are wearing. Bear in mind that certain outfits lend themselves to different poses. For instance, a formal tuxedo suit suggests a sense of poise, suave, and debonair, so make sure your pose reflects that image.

Photo Lighting

Experiment with different lightings. You don’t want too much light, because that can make your skin look washed out. Too little lighting, on the other hand, may provide too much shadow and harsh angles. You need to come up with a balanced medium and take a lot of shots in a lighting that is most flattering to you. With this you must also be aware of the clothes that you are wearing: dark suit pants may not show up so well in dark lighting. Be conscious of everything, and if you can do this, you will produce a great picture.


When you go to a modeling agency, you need to show confidence, poise, and dedication. If you can prove to everyone that you want to model, and you are willing to work hard, that will translate into your pictures. A positive and driven attitude will definitely attract the attention of agencies, which will want to work with people who are as committed to fashion as they are.

Follow Direction

Follow all the directions of your photographers. This means, if they want you to stare off into the distance, don’t disregard that! In general, the photographers probably have a greater understanding of the image the company wants to present with their clothing. Get advice from other models and study pictures of those who have succeeded in the fashion industry. The more you study, the better your own modeling will be.

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