Classic Prom Tuxedos For Men 2013

[caption id="attachment_1799" align="alignleft" width="212"]Make this a night to remember. Make this a night to remember.[/caption] If you’re suffering from over-spent contemplation on your attire for prom, first consider how important the big night is. You’re still not quite at the stage of adulthood – although close – and you may struggle to see yourself wearing a classic black tuxedo because it’s something your dad might wear.  But prom night is undeniably your first opportunity to dress respectfully for an event that ushers you into the more exciting and mature stages of your life. A formal prom male attire will accentuate your manly appearance, while also making you look stylish and well-expressed. If you think you are ready to move away from your teenage attitude and step into a black tux, then reflect on the ways in which the classiest of men dress. There are several different types of classic style tuxedo jackets that can complete a real man's prom wear.  The first style is the tux with tails, which provides the height of formality, that of the white tie dress code. The real benefit to the tailcoat however is the way it shapes to the contours of the body, giving honorable appeal to one’s stature. [caption id="attachment_1764" align="aligncenter" width="468"]ENTER CONTEST NOW! ENTER CONTEST NOW![/caption] Other tuxedos inhabit a natural look generally associated with formal wear.  The jackets come in a range of single-breasted or double-breasted tuxedos, with one or multiple buttons, and peaked, notch, or shawl lapels. The most traditional of these is a single-breasted one button tuxedo with peak lapels, which focuses on sophistication rather than fashion.  The other jackets render slight alterations from the standard, but are still authentic and respectable to the tuxedo guidelines.  The double-breasted jacket, for instance, has an exceptionally bold look when buttoned and eliminates the use of tuxedo vests or cummerbunds, allowing for more comfort. [caption id="attachment_1794" align="aligncenter" width="265"]Classic style never fails. Classic style never fails.[/caption] The bow tie is the essential component fortifying a full-on classic outfit, underlining the face and making it the central point to your evening wear.  For a formal event, it is most common to go with either a black or white bow tie.  The white bow tie is known to look best with a tailcoat as an extension of the most ceremonial apparel for the proper event.  On the other hand, the black tie is a little less formal but still serves as a staple when sporting a tuxedo. Remember though that this formal wear accessory looks more authentic if self tied, so try to avoid any clip on renditions. [caption id="attachment_1797" align="aligncenter" width="265"]The Ultimate Comeback: The Bow Tie. The Ultimate Comeback: The Bow Tie.[/caption] The last auxiliary item for your prom night is a good pair of tuxedo shoes. Chances are you will be on your feet most of the night dancing, so make sure comfort is you primary concern.  Once you get past that, you should go with black lace oxford tuxedo shoes, which goes perfect with the classic look.  A shinier (and more outstanding) alternative is to get a pair that is made of patent leather as opposed to calfskin.  This material has a glossy finish and will give your outfit just enough pizzaz coming from the base of your slacks. [caption id="attachment_1798" align="aligncenter" width="210"]Put your best foot forward in classic formal footwear. Put your best foot forward in classic formal footwear.[/caption] Reveal a side of yourself that’s never been seen before.  The time to step into a manlier persona is the night of your prom. Classic tuxedos can achieve a representation of sophistication and conformity that could be just what the evening needs. Traditional approaches to formal attire are meant to highlight refined tastes of subtlety.  The way to look the most dapper for your big high school celebration is to wear a tuxedo that brings timeless fashion to your sense of dress.

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