Formal Wear Finish: Oscars Conclude Awards Season

[caption id="attachment_1758" align="alignleft" width="220"]Regardless of what the critics say, MacFarlane brought in the biggest audience the Oscars had in the last three years. Regardless of what the critics say, MacFarlane brought in the biggest audience the Oscars had in the last three years.[/caption] The national spotlight on formal wear for men has come to an end with the presentation of the 85th Academy Awards. The show concluded a long season of honors and accolades while containing a rare number of surprises. The host, Seth MacFarlane, performed admirably in a classic black notch lapel tux and bow tie, while every contributor to the film industry received their appropriate statuette. The ceremony contained no fashionable faux pas, and stellar standouts such as Bradley Cooper and Daniel Day Lewis looked great as always. Through the years, the Oscars had its own series of notable men’s formal wear statements but this awards season overall has been very strong. A majority of the stars seen at the Oscars preferred to wear a traditional tuxedo. With Bradley Cooper’s choice of formal wear it could be considered nothing but classical.  He sported a Tom Ford three-piece suit, sporting an all basic black – from his tuxedo pants and jacket, to his tuxedo vest and black silk formal bow tie.  The man of immense style and good looks showed the class required for such an event. On the other hand, the Oscar winning best actor Daniel Day Lewis added a flash of color to his attire.   The red carpet legend was wearing a modern navy slim fit tux, with black satin shawl lapels and a matching black bow tie.  His tuxedo suit commemorated both style and elegance that perfectly complemented his golden trophy as he stood on stage making an acceptance speech. One of the biggest eye catchers at the Oscars was Samuel Jackson. His choice of formal wear consisted of a dark red dinner jacket made of a luxurious velvet fabric with a grey piping trim on the shawl lapel, which intuitively blends with his silver tuxedo shirt. This piece was contrasted finely with a pair of brown tuxedo trousers and a matching chocolate brown bow tie. By far,  Samuel Jackson’s attire was one of the more unconventional tuxedos taken on by those in attendance, but had a sharp appearance overall. Ultimately, The Academy Awards was celebrated with the idea of simplicity. A higher percentage of men went to the show in different renditions of the black tie formal. Just like any formal gala, there was also an exceptional amount of bow tie contributors. The Oscars typically are for female celebrities to shine in their designer gowns and sexy formal outfits, but this year, the men also stood out in their sharp tuxedos that are simple yet formfitting. The much anticipated awards show capped off a perfect season for men’s formal wear. Everyone should look forward to next year to see if 2014 can top this off!  

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