Top 10 Promposal Ideas for 2013 (Part 2)

[caption id="attachment_1749" align="alignleft" width="216"]Adjust your bow ties and prepare for battle - promposal, here we go. Adjust your bow ties and prepare for battle - promposal, here we go.[/caption] If you’re struggling to formulate a scheme for an epic prom proposal of your own, then take a moment to scan first through a list of popular promposal ideas. You may find any of them to be a perfect fit for your intentions. However, try tailoring them by adding a special touch of your own. Take a look at the rest of these creative and popular ways young men find effective when asking a girl to prom. (Looking for ideas 1-5? Click here.)   6. Video Putting together a video can be a fun and easy way to impress that certain someone.  Homemade music videos are very common. Try filming it in an area that has significant meaning to her. If you’re feeling brave you should make it public by posting your message to YouTube - just make sure that you're looking sharp and smart in a tuxedo suit.


After watching this one direction promposal video, she couldn't have went another direction from saying YES!

[caption id="attachment_1764" align="aligncenter" width="468"]ENTER CONTEST NOW! ENTER CONTEST NOW![/caption] 7. Baked Goods Personalized desserts make good impressions on a possible date.  Some people opt to buy customized deserts with photos or special sayings - maybe an illustration of you in your prom tuxedo and her in a dress. Step it up a notch by baking the dessert yourself. This shows that special someone you care just a little bit more. [caption id="attachment_1750" align="aligncenter" width="218"]A sweet way to ask someone out to prom - literally! A sweet way to ask someone out to prom - literally![/caption] 8. Light Show Use Christmas tree lights to grab her attention.  Write out your question in bright lights at a location she will see, on her front porch or on the side of a building. [caption id="attachment_1751" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Light up her heart. Light up her heart.[/caption] 9. Decorative Car Sneak out to the parking lot at lunch, get an erasable marker and leave a message on her car that she won’t miss.  If you don’t want her clean up requirements to be too laborious then you can easily tape a small banner instead. [caption id="attachment_1752" align="aligncenter" width="300"]A moving promposal - literally. A moving promposal - literally.[/caption] 10. Red Carpet Ask a friend to roll out a red carpet and stand at the end, all snazzy and looking cute in your slim fit tux. She will feel like a celebrity walking down the aisle as everyone looks on. For an added touch have friend snap pictures with their camera phones. Promposals are now expected to be creative and over the top. Simply asking your date to prom will no longer do. There is no one way to guarantee the best promposal. The trick is to tailor the gesture to the girl to ensure the best reaction. Remember to have fun with it. Don’t worry about the different styles of men’s formal wear you will need to choose from to find the perfect prom tuxedo – that will come later.

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