Cuff Links and Studs - Express your Style

Cuff Links and Studs Cuff links and studs are amazingly cool machines. (Technically they are both levers.) They may be some of the smallest parts of your tux but these classy items can really make an impression. On a tux shirt, it’s impossible to mistake black studs for buttons. They stand out against the shirt’s white cotton canvass and define and accentuate your shirt. Studs offer a polished, sophisticated look that a basic button can’t match. And if you think your cuff links & studs won’t be noticed, then think again. The long sleeved tux shirt’s cuffs are made to be seen and so too are those gold cuff links that work so nicely at effortlessly holding the French cuffs together. Cuff links make for a wonderful touch, saying both literally and figuratively that you have your fashion act together. The Incognito Effect “Who is that man in that tux? Who is that man in that tux? Who could it be?” It’s you! But a lot of people at the event may not know you and that means you’re not only a man of mystery, but an amazingly well dressed man of mystery. You’re incognito, wearing clothes you normally wouldn’t, and you look and feel about 100 points better than you normally do. It’s fun to feel like a bit of a spy, a mysterious stranger and man of intrigue. Use it, play it and enjoy it. Timeless Sense Open yourself up to that time traveler feeling. Although men’s formal wear has changed over the past 150 years, it still has strong connections to its past. You can have the sense as if you’re in Brides Head Revisited, Howard’s End, Mansfield Park or even The Importance of Being Earnest. (Life can be a comedy in formal wear!) Enjoy invoking that déjà vu feeling that men’s formal wear, engenders. Channel folks from the past and become someone else for a few moments. Don’t forget to get your mind back into reality, making the time traveler’s round trip. Man you’ll feel invigorated when you come back! Men’s Formal Wear Fun….. Read more in the next post.

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