Color Blind? No Problem with Black Tie!

Color Blind? No Problem with Black Tie! About 7% of the male population is colorblind. Black tie certainly alleviates the strain associated with that disorder. Often men’s formal wear comes down to choices that are a matter of black and white. And even which items are black and which ones are white is preordained. Relax; you don’t have to be able to see green or red when you’re choosing men’s formal wear. Of course, that’s because men’s formal wear tends to be monochromatic, which allows for the gentlemen’s personality to dominate. Even the color choices, when there are such, are fairly standard and limited. Thus, there’s no wondering, “Does this black tie go with this black jacket and white shirt?” The answer is not only, “Yes.” It’s “always.” Relax colorblind men—you’ve got a friend in formal wear. Quality Clothing Feels Great Get the right fit in your men’s formal wear and you will simply feel fantastic. Your jacket, if properly fit, won’t constrain or bind and your pants will move with you. If you’re not used to wearing a tux, you may feel a bit awkward at first, but that should not be a problem. Walk around, sit down, do a dance move or two and you’ll start to feel right at home. Quality threads feel good on the bod. Rules Test Your IQ If you’re looking for a mental challenge, then study the men’s formal wear dress code and test yourself. Prove that you are the Mensa master when it comes to morning suits, cutaways, tailcoats, dinner jackets and accessories. Once you know the rules, others will look at you like you have secret knowledge given to only a few on this earth or as if you’re speaking an exclusive language to be used only by a select few. The great thing is both are true (to a degree). Cuff links and studs are amazingly cool machines! ….. Read more in the next post.

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