Formal Wear - For the Fun of it!

“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.”~Oscar Wilde It’s hard to imagine devoting your energy to something like a Blog on Formal Wear Guide and not enjoying it! That would be torture. At this Formal Wear blog we love men’s formal wear, and we’re devoted to spreading that positive energy that we possess to as many as we possibly can. Some men do wonder what can be so enjoyable about such a stuffy, boring subject? We believe it’s all a matter of attitude. If you think something is stuffy or boring then it is. But if you start to really investigate all of the different aspects of a subject or area, then you can start to see what makes it so interesting and fun. We decided to offer ten reasons why men’s formal wear is our favorite thing to discuss, learn about and study. Come on, have some fun! After all, that’s usually the point of dressing up! Interesting Formal Wear Styles for Men There’s something amazingly interesting about men’s formal wear styles. That’s because there’s really no other type of clothing like it in the Western world. A tuxedo is sort of like a suit, but it’s impossible to get black tie confused with a blue business look by Brooks Brothers. The cut, line and form of men’s formal wear is not only distinctive but the different types, such as tails, cutaways, dinner jackets and morning suits, give men various choices. Depending on your body type, some of these styles will look better than others and one or two will make you look absolutely great. Take some time to investigate the styles, get to know the subtle variations and enjoy finding your perfect tux.   Connection to the Stars Hollywood, Broadway, television and the music world are all associated with glitz and glamour. Some of that tantalizing tinsel is connected to the world of men’s formal wear. There’s nothing like a Hollywood premiere or industry awards show when it comes to displaying the various performers and artists in a range of men's formal wear . We love watching those events, seeing good taste come shining through and bad taste offering a major cringe factor as we scream, “I can’t believe he’s wearing that!” Guys dressed to kill versus guys who have murdered style. What can be better than a little celebrity adoration and bashing? Thus, when it comes to those folks who are considered to be part of the beautiful people in the crowd, men’s formal wear is a two-edged sword. These major hunks and celebs can make themselves into Adonises or into losers with a capital “L” on their foreheads. Either way, it makes for interesting viewing and water cooler talk. Color Blind? ….. Read more in the next post!

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