Cufflinks and Studs: Express Your Individuality

[caption id="attachment_45" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="American Flag Cufflinks & Studs Set"]American Flag Cufflinks & Studs Set[/caption]Cufflinks & Stud Sets Can be Your Signature with Men’s Formal Wear One way that a man can set himself off from others when he’s dressing formally is through the cufflinks & studs that he chooses. Cufflinks and studs, which are used in lieu of buttons, can be interchanged depending upon the even you’re going to and look you want to create. Here’s a consideration of what studs and cufflinks can do for you when you’re dressed formally. Variety in the Formal These simple formal accessories can give you a wealth of variety of for as little as $25.00. They also lend credence to the power of the white formal shirt. By that we mean that the white tuxedo shirt acts as a neutral canvass on which you’re creating interest and individuality through your cufflinks and studs. Trimmed and Smart A coordinated set of studs and links is extremely smart looking. Along with offering a unified design, they create a polished, clean and tailored image. This is your image and studs and cufflinks, which make a clear, crisp link between the different planes of material that comprise your shirt, are partly responsible for that image. In fact, they define and detail it. They finish it and can do so perfectly. Cufflinks & Studs Design Choices Black studs and cufflinks with gold are rich looking and mother of pearl with brushed silver have a very clean flair. Other such accessories include studs and links featuring the American flag, three-leaf clover, treble clef and even numerous musical instruments. There are various patterned designs that alternate mother of pearl and black onyx. Checkerboard, stripes and diamonds are all on-hand. Lots of Good Choices There are many fine choices to be made when it comes to these formal accessories. You can go with classic styling, a trendy design or something lighthearted and playful. It’s partly up to your mood, what event you’re attending and the effect you want to create. Whatever type of cufflink and studs you choose, you should remember that you could easily change the effect they create by purchasing another set. Additionally, there’s variety to be found by wearing either silver or gold love knots, various types of cubic Zirconia and rhinestone studded cufflinks and studs. Simple Formal Wear Solutions Cufflinks and studs add a wonderful touch to any formal wear ensemble. Use the Internet to shop around for these accessories. You can spend anywhere from $25.00 to hundreds and, for those who have it and want to, even more. One of the best things about these accessories is that you don’t have to spend a lot to look elegant, sophisticated and stylish.

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