Men's Formal Wear Style: Courtesy of Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin in Peak TuxedoAlec Baldwin Looks Great at Lincoln Center There’s something very classy and classic about Alec Baldwin. It’s as if the guy was made for a tuxedo. He just looks good when he’s in men’s formal wear. Baldwin was dressed formally and appropriately when he attended the New York Philharmonic 2010-11 season opening night gala at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts last Wednesday in New York. And as you can see, he was dressed in black tie. Baldwin’s Formal Wear Look Baldwin carries himself well no matter what he’s wearing, but he seems especially comfortable in a tuxedo. It may just be the fact that he’s been in show business so long and is such a vet that he’s not only used to the spotlight but he’s used to being seen at formal occasions over and over again and again. His style and demeanor carry a certain cache. There’s something genuinely real about his comfort zone when he dons formal wear. The philharmonic is certainly not the place to start creating new looks. Thus, Baldwin’s black tux, satin lapels, black tie and black studs and cufflinks are all in step with opening night for the New York Philharmonic’s latest season. The classic peak lapel tuxedo, which has made a comeback over the years and is the original formal wear lapel, is a fine touch. The formal bow tie, which is patterned and textured, adds a nicely personal flair. His Connection to the Philharmonic It was just last year that Baldwin joined the New York Philharmonic as the host for its radio broadcasts. The orchestra performs a radio series of 52 performances entitled The New York Philharmonic This Week. Baldwin is also host with Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movies The Essentials. In those telecast shows, he usually wears a suit jacket, dress shirt and open collar. But opening night at Avery Fisher Hall is just a tad more formal. The Award winning actor made his New York Philharmonic debut narrating the Inside the Music program on October 10, 2008, and returned to narrate the Inside the Music program on January 23, 2009. Classic and Timeless Formal Look Baldwin’s appearance in men’s formal wear at this year’s premiere performance of the New York Philharmonic is a fine pictorial reminder of how special that occasion is in terms of high art and how wonderful a man can look in traditional formal clothing. Great look, Alec!

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