Enchanting Evening Wear in Once Upon a Time

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="303"] Do you believe in fairytales?[/caption] Returning to enchant audiences across the nation, ABC's Once Upon a Time is back for its 3rd season this fall. A fairytale case of charming princes, evil queens, and magical folk, it takes a true believer of faith and fairy dust to fall in love with this tale of love and adventure. ONCE takes us to modern day time, in a land where traditional fairytale characters we've come to know and love in our youth come alive on the screen. Each episode gives us a glimpse of their lives both before and after the dreadful curse that has brought them to our real world. This season, the cast ventures to Neverland. Home of Peter Pan and the lost boys, this bewitching island brings much danger. But the show also brings another element to the table: style. Whether their stuck in Story Brook or flashing back to their former fairytale lives, these charming characters are known for their unique and intriguing fashions. The men, most notably, embrace a classic wardrobe that brings back memories of knights and sword fights. Here, we break down how to channel your inner prince or pirate. Josh Dallas plays the lovable Prince Charming. The husband  of Snow White, he strives to save the day and protect his family always. Charming's princely attire is one to be noticed. Draped in form fitting leather and a ready for anything attitude, this savior storms proudly towards adventure in anything he wears. Aim for traditional mens formal wear when trying to steal some of Charming's style. Form fitting slim fit tuxedos will work wonders on your "charming" look for your next evening event. Aim for bold cufflinks and classic accessories like pocket squares. Attitude is key for this look. Charming's bold attitude makes him irresistible. Stand tall and hold your head up with confidence and class. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="429"] Dare to be different with this villainous style.[/caption] Everyone's favorite well dressed villain takes a main role in this season. Killian Jones, better known as Captain Hook steals the show with his swashbuckling style. Actor Colin O'Donoghue takes on the role of Peter Pan's daunting nemesis and manages to embrace a rather daring style. Try on the dark and daring pirate ambiance for a night and rock a limited edition brace for some thematic pirate fun. Embrace dark and bold colors when recreating this master of the sea and sword's look. Aim for traditional black tuxedos or a vibrant red tuxedo jacket to make a statement only a captain could. Add a crafty and cunning attitude to pull of this bold and brilliant look, or you'll be walking the plank to disaster. Ready to believe in fairytales? Whoever you choose to be, be it boldly. Own up to the character you choose to embrace with a fierce amount of daring debonair and timeless class. Spark that irresistible charm and you'll have all eyes on you at your next formal occasion.

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