Dancing With The Stars Update

[caption id="attachment_2377" align="alignleft" width="275"]Are you ready for Season 17? Get ready for another exciting week on Dancing with the Stars![/caption] Well, it’s been a crazy few weeks on Dancing with the Stars. Our best-dressed star suffered a severe leg injury from a fall, which affected his ability to dance. In fact, doctors told Bill Nye the “Science Guy” that he shouldn’t even be walking around, let alone dancing, until his injury heals completely. They encouraged him to spend some time recovering from his torn quadriceps injury in a wheelchair. But that didn’t stop Nye from developing an incredible amount of strength and determination, insisting that he still wanted to compete. To prepare himself for such an endeavor in his weakened state, he underwent a form of plasma surgery in which healthy platelets are taken from the arm and injected in the leg to speed up the healing process. Still, he didn’t have much time to practice because his doctor insisted he use it as little as possible. Donning a light gray vest similar to this silver tuxedo vest and pants with a starch white shirt, Nye performed a “futuristic robot jazz dance” that the judges’ thought was “very entertaining” and “astounding.” There were pros and cons to this dance sequence: it required very little feet movement, which was necessary for his recovering leg, but bad for a dance competition, which is judged on (what else?) dance moves. The judges were forced to acknowledge this fact, and Nye was sent home to many “boos” of disapproval. Perhaps this is a good thing: now his leg will get the proper rest and relaxation that it needs to come to a complete recovery. Nye told the audience his only regret is that his partner, Tyne, is no longer allowed to advance in the competition. But this past episode’s excitement didn’t revolve exclusively around the “Science Guy.” Brant Daugherty was robbed at gunpoint this past week! The good news is all that Daugherty had on him was some old ballet slippers and t-shirts, so the robber took those and fled. It’s a good thing Daugherty wasn’t sporting his usual classy men’s formal wear look. Imagine what the thief would have taken if he had been wearing a tuxedo shirt and pants instead of an old t-shirt. Despite this unfortunate incident, and a leg injury of his own, Daugherty’s performance didn’t disappoint. Dressed to impress and performing a flapper-themed dance, Daugherty and partner Peta Murgatroyd received the highest score of the night: 27! But don’t let Corbin Bleu escape your attention either. This former High School Musical basketball star is not just coasting through the competition on a cloud of past dance experience. Not allowing himself to settle for mediocrity, Bleu is challenging himself with new dance styles that are completely foreign to him. His first ballroom dance score’s prove that he is up for the challenge. Eliciting such responses from the judges as “nailed it” and “fabulous,” Bleu is definitely a top contender. Watch out Brant Daugherty! Although only a few episodes have been aired so far, Season 17 of Dancing With The Stars promises to be gripping and exciting full of spectacular dance moves, handsomely dressed men, fabulously sparkling ladies, and much entertainment. For more information on this past episode, click here.

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