Fashion at the MTV EMAs 2014

highquality_pictures_of_beautiful_red_carpet_05_170447As always, the MTV European Music Awards were full of gorgeous people wearing gorgeous things. This year, the MTV EMAs were held in Glasglow, Scotland on November 9, 2014.  This was the 20th anniversary of the awards, and MTV brought in some of today’s biggest names in music to celebrate.  Performers included Nicki Minaj, who opened the show, plus Ed Sheeran, U2, Royal Blood, and Kiesza. Charlie XCX and Ariana Grande served as hosts. Here’s a rundown of some of the hottest outfits of the night and some tips on how you can recreate them.

Charlie XCX

Host of the event, Charlie XCX came out in a very interesting look.  She wore a sequined black jacket accented with white, a matching skirt and a pair of fuzzy heels. She had a little fun with a generally more conservative outfit. You can recreate her look with an altered vintage suit jacket and skirt, but adding the sequins may be tricky.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran, the ginger British musician who has become well-known outside of the UK in the past year, appeared at the awards ceremony sporting a simple button-down dark shirt and black pants. This look is probably the easiest of all outfits to recreate since you can find similar style clothing just about anywhere.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Everyone knows Ozzy and Sharon!  The two looked outstanding in their matching long black jackets, tuxedo pants, and shiny black shoes.  Ozzy accented his all-black look with a red flower boutonniere and gold jewelry, while Sharon added a large brooch.  This isn’t a difficult look to recreate—finding the long jacket is probably the most difficult part. For the jacket you could try out wearing extra long tuxedos for tall men.


Redfoo made quite an entrance with his layered look. He wore a plaid shirt under a red leather jacket, then tossed a black vest over that.  Oh, and did we mention the kilt?  This is definitely a look for those who love to break the rules of fashion, but it’s not an easy one to recreate.  The jacket will be difficult to match.

David Hasselhoff

Redfoo wasn’t the only man sporting a kilt—the Hoff himself paired a simple kilt and Sporran with a tuxedo jacket and a black bow tie. He certainly pulled off the look and got a number of compliments. Most men should have the top part of his ensemble on hand, but finding a kilt that isn’t fairly expensive may be difficult.

Royal Blood

British musicians Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher, better known as the band Royal Blood, wore simple black leather jackets, T-shirts, and black pants to the event.  The two may not have been as dressed up as some, but their look certainly fit their style of music.  Their look can easily be recreated with items readily available at most clothing stores.

Tallia Storm

Let’s end this wrap-up with Tallia Storm because, well, nothing can really follow her outfit!  Tallia wore black shiny leggings, a white tuxedo shirt, and a black cummerbund that were all fairly standard.  However, she topped the ensemble with a sparkly gold suit jacket and an oversized black bow tie.  Then there’s her hair, which was gelled up so that it added another six inches or more to her height!  It was definitely a statement look.  Finding the gold jacket may be the hardest part of recreating her outfit, but the tie and cummberbund are a cinch. Have fun recreating that hair!

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