Neil Patrick Harris to Host the 2015 Academy Awards

Neil Patrick Harris is about to mark off another awards show to his list of “been there, hosted that.”  The fan favorite has already hosted the Emmys twice and the Tonys four times, but in February, he will take on hosting duties for the Academy Awards.  This means he will be one of only a few people to host three of the major four awards shows—the only one he will be missing is the Grammys. But while Harris’s song and dance numbers have always gotten rave reviews, his outfits also deserve attention. The man truly knows how to look fantastic. He always looks great in a standard men's tuxedo, which is what he wore when opening the 65th Tony Awards. He later exchanged the tux for a dark burgundy suit jacket with black lapels and a grey and black striped tie. At the 2009 Emmys, his performed his opening song wearing a white jacket and black tuxedo pants. The white definitely made him stand out, especially during the opening bit when he was backed by a large number of dancers. If he had been wearing black during the opening, he may have blended into the dark background or been lost among the extras. This is why white tuxedo jackets are a great fashion choice for many men. All you need are some nice black pants and shoes, a crisp white button up shirt, a black bow tie, and a jacket similar to the White 2 Button Tuxedo by Giorgio Fiorelli. However, Neil doesn’t always stick to everyday black and white formal wear outfits. During the 67th Tony Awards, he slipped into a sleek grey suit, black cummerbund, white shirt, and a black bow tie.  Like his character on the popular show How I Met Your Mother, Harris does know how to wear a suit, and he looked great in this one while dancing through the opening and hanging off the large replica of the award trophy. This is another great look that’s easy to recreate since it’s very similar to the Grey “Fashion Fit” Tuxedo with Black Shawl Lapel.


  He’s done the black suit, he’s done the white tuxedo, he’s gone grey and burgundy, he’s worn regular ties and bow ties and no tie… now the question is what will Neil Patrick Harris wear when he hosts the Oscars for the first time?  At least one wardrobe change is a given, of course.  Most people will expect him in a tux to open the show since that’s what he usually wears. As for his other outfits, they will be kept a secret until the night of the awards ceremony, but that won’t stop people for speculating. He often looks very classy, and many fashion commentators have mentioned that when he’s in the public eye, especially when he’s hosting, Harris tends to stick with a traditional look. He only goes crazy with his ties, and even those are almost always very conservative.  A red bow tie here, a striped tie there, but he mostly stays with the classic black. No matter what he chooses to wear, we are more excited then ever to see what he will perform.

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