Fashion Predictions for the American Music Awards 2014

amaThe American Music Awards brings together musicians from a variety of genres, including country, pop, hip hop, rap, rock, and alternative. In addition to the musical variety, this event also witnesses unique fashion trends and styles. With the award show coming up on November 23rd, we are predicting which of the hottest men’s wear styles will be gracing the red carpet this year.

Slim-Fit Tuxedos

Slim-fit slacks and jackets are a major trend this year, leaving behind the loose tuxedo pants and trousers that have been seen at previous award shows. Slim fit tuxedos or suits are a recreation of the 1960s, Beatles-era style, and musicians like Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, and the singers of One Direction have been known to walk the red carpet wearing a modern style cut suit that hugs the torso more so than the classic style.  


For fall 2014, layered looks are all the rage, and vests have experienced a recent revival. Many celebrities use vests to show off their flair and originality in respect to color and patterns. When wearing a vest, it is important that celebrities take care to match the fabric to that of the suit, and the V-shape should be narrow enough that it isn’t engulfed by the suit lapels. Celebrities like Ne-Yo or Chris Brown who tend to go more casual at award shows can even pair a vest with matching slacks over a dress shirt in order to create a sophisticated red carpet ensemble.  

Colored Tuxedos

Many celebrities use the American Music Awards as a stage to take a fashion risk, and some veer off the course of the traditional black tuxedo. Some bands even arrive on the red carpet wearing suits of varying colors, including burgundy, slate gray, and navy blue. A black tuxedo shirt paired with a pop of color jacket can also provide for a sleek look.  


We expect that the American Music Awards fashion trends for 2014 will include both long ties and bow ties. In 2013, rapper 50 Cent was one of the best dressed men on the red carpet, and he was also one of the few that wore a tie. Sporting a grey suit, black checkered shirt, black tie, and red handkerchief, 50 Cent looked like a million bucks. With fashion forward ties being one of the biggest fashion trends of 2014, we expect that other musicians will jump on the bandwagon.  


Although jeans don’t sound like they would be an award show-worthy apparel choice, we expect some jeans will find their way onto the red carpet at the American Music Awards. Some country stars, including Blake Shelton, Brantley Gilbert, and Jason Aldean, are known for wearing dress shirts and jackets over jeans, commenting that wedding tuxedos just aren’t their style. While these ensembles may be edgy, they aren’t likely to earn anyone a spot on the “Best Dressed” list.   Whatever our fan favorite celebrities choose to wear, we will be watching with eager eyes! The great thing about music award shows, is that someone is always trying to push fashion boundaries, and we are more excited than ever to see what this year brings!

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